30 Million Christians Raise Alarm Over Massacre Of Christian Worshippers In Nigeria-TEKAN President

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Yakubu Busari

Fellowship of at least no fewer than 30million members across  15 denominational Churches in Nigeria  have raised alarm over the massacre of  defenseless Nigerians Christians  and discrimination in appointment and employment .

The TEKAN President stated this while delivering his speech during the 63rd General Assembly of TEKAN with the theme; “The Church in times like this, 2 Timothy 3:1-5”. Relocated from Jos Headquarters and Held at the Headquarters of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ ERCC Akwanga.

The statement blasts the Federal Government under President Muhammadu Buhari who he failed to fulfill his  responsibility and choose to turn deaf  blind eye on the atrocities of herdsmen killing rampaging on  innocent Christians.

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The President of Tarayyar Ekklisiyoyin Kristi a Nijeriya, (TEKAN) Rev. Dr. Caleb Ahima accused  Federal Government for not fulfill her constitutional  responsibility but push for religious ,tribal government that is  leading to harvest of killings of innocent  Nigerians degenerating into anarchy.

The President reminds that; “It is the duty of President Buhari to preserve the lives of the citizenry and to maintain law and order which  this  government has fail to do so .

Ahima cautioned that President Buhari must see  all Nigerians lives and property as his  duty to protect them   without  regards to creed or ethnic  carnage exhibit by  herders .

“TEKAN Leadership explained that since the rate at which this evil occurs is increasing in tempo and prevalence,it becomes pertinent to call on member churches of the Tarayya to intensify the rate of our usage of the print media for counter propaganda meant to inform the world about happening in the country ,who are mere holders and exploiters of religion for unwholesome purposes”, the statement reads .

According to Christian worshippers ,”these  so called herdsmen  traumatized innocent ,defenseless Nigerians Christians, they killings suck innocent bloods in following  states; Adamawa, Southern Kaduna, Taraba ,Plateau and  Benue to occupied their lands especially  the  satanic, barbaric and condemnable genocide ravaging our rural settlements .

We are calling on the  world leaders  to  watch this  keenly, and  see the  injustice  perpetrated by these evil doers  who unfortunately seem to have defied even the country’s law enforcement Agencies even with high impunity  bravery they invoke to exterminate us in our  territory.

“Where Government either fails to fulfil her responsibility of chooses to turn the blind eye toward these atrocities, the danger is that defenseless Nigerians may be

We warn federal government that if they have fail ,we will be  tempted to use whatever means to defend ourselves, with the consequences of wreaking havoc as our peace loving worshippers never know .

According to him, government must not forget that it was largely the same kind of situation that created warlords and the sad and bloody war and death in Somalia.

“Nigerians are yet to have records of arrest and prosecution of these marauding and devastating attackers, even with the outcries that keep ringing out from innocent blood Nigerians”.

The clergy, however appeals to all Christians Leaders of TEKAN to ensure that all their members of eligible age are registered and issued their voters card, saying it is a step for actualizing the dreams of the church in putting God Fearing government that will enthrone Christ as lord over the Nation.

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