2019 Kanuri Governorship Agenda Real Reason Why Magu Is Fighting Maina– Biu Emirate

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The people of Biu Emirate Council of Southern Borno have accused the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC Mr Ibrahim Magu of fighting to install his Kanuri kinsman as Governor of Borno ahead of 2019 general election.

The Coordinator Biu Emirate Youth advancement Coalition Mallam Umar Bundi Bukar warned Mr Ibrahim Magu over the weekend to hands off their son, Abdulrasheed Maina who has contributed his quota to the Anti-corruption war of the Buhari ‘s administration

Bukar while accusing Ibrahim Magu of fighting the entire Southern Borno through Abdulrasheed Abdullahi Mains insists that Maina does not have a 7-year- old son as alleged by Mr Magu, and that no such account exists and if Magu is sincere, he should publish the said account showing the balance of N1.7bn as he indicated at the House of Representatives sitting, probing the reinstatement of Mr Maina for Nigerians to independently verify.

“Any word coming from Magu regarding the pension fraud can not be trusted”

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He added that it is a complete fabrication of lies which was created because Borno South had started agitation for power rotation and its likely candidate might be Mr Maina, that is why Magu being a Kanuri man, has been working hard alongside some officials of Borno state Government to drag Maina’s name into the mud.

Bukar said that Maina recovered N1.3trillion for Buhari Government as as attested by the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation at the Senate public hearing. How come no one is talking about it. Nigerians should not be taken on a ride, we must read in between the lines to see the differences between N1.3tr Maina recovered and the N2.1bn Magu is falsely accusing Maina of.

How much is the 5% whistle blowers fees for N1.3tr compared to the N2.1bn he is being accused of?

Maina has performed creditably well and no person in Nigeria has achieved this feat to date. Instead of celebrating Maina, some corrupt leaders who having become a burden for the Buhari administration, are busy persecuting him and the Government that is said to be fighting corruption is looking the other way? Elections are coming and all Nigerians have opened their eyes wide to see reason before casting their votes. We are tired of this reverse psychology

Bundi cautioned that henceforth honest civil and public office holders will be afraid to venture into anything to do with fighting corruption, since doing so would spell doom for the person fighting it. Are we not encouraging corruption? If not how can intelligent Nigerians not read in between the lines to see that EFCC under Magu is rotten to the core. Even good Staffers of EFCC are not happy that Magu is not working by the rules. Let him touch Maina and he will know that he touched a Biu man.

We urge the President to wake up from his slumber and attack this menace called Magu head on, so that Nigerians would know that we are truly fighting corruption. Nigerians insist that Maina should recover the N3tr from the system for Nigerians he added.

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