Jonathan exit exposes PDP weakness

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Yakubu Busari

The former of Chairman of Mangu South, Hon Benshak Dalop has said, the exit of former President Goodluck Jonathan had exposed the problem of PDP which will soon face extinction.

He advised that the claim of Ahmed Gulak receiving court order to resume office which the PDP governors are now refusing to endorse him will tear the party apart.

Dalop stressed that court to declare him the rightful winner even as the governors urged him to step aside.

According to him, Ahmed Gulak has a lawful judgment to tender before stakeholders only that some stalwarts felt peace should be far away so they are bend to cause confusion in the party.

He lauded the anti-corruption crusade of President Muhammadu Buhari for exposing many past leaders and People Democratic Party for mismanaging the tax payer’s money.

Speaking to our correspondent at the Nigerian Union of Journalists,(NUJ) ,Plateau state council .

Dalop slammed that those who are blaming the President are myopic as he is telling Nigerians that the fight against corruption is not one sided but it is in the right direction.

He reminded the people that if you didn’t go to farm nobody have the right to accuse you of stealing the yam, for 16 years PDP have been ruling this country and funds are spent by few Nigerians.

President Buhari is not witch hunting everybody but those that were involved in money laundering because agents and witnesses are testifying in court on how the illegal looting took place.

Dalop decried that before the presidential and governorship elections in Plateau state; “we witnessed influx of people into Plateau government house which turned the place like shopping mall that were littered with scavengers struggling to get share of the PDP  loot of the national cake.”

“We continue to see people suffering, where our young soldiers are tried for mutiny due to the mismanagement of resources at their disposal by the stakeholders of PDP.”

Hon. Dalop said the National PDP is now enjoying four faction and the party is gradually loosing relevant where the center can’t longer hold .

“If the media are crying of the political witch-hunting of Presidency that is pursuing everybody  they should be reminded that only those who were involved in the sharing should blame themselves”.

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