Fuel Scarcity: Fed Govt. Should Be Blame- Adamawa People Lament

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Tom Garba

The ongoing nationwide fuel scarcity is biting hard on the low income earners in the country, Adamawa state indigenes seems to be worst persons who are at the receiving end,  as some are lamenting on devastating effects of the limited petroleum products that has been the live wire of the country’s economy.

Our correspondent stumbled at a long queue of vehicles waiting to buy fuel at Mega filing station who are selling at the official price of 87 Naira.

He interviewed some of them, most of the person interviewed couldn’t hide their anger, as they apportioned blame on the Federal government who they believe has all answers to the over bearing lingering fuel crisis in the country.

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Obadiah Ezekiel who said he spent over 24 hours waiting to fuel his car with over 300 cars ahead of him only hope and wish to have his car fuel today (Saturday). According to him Adamawa state is always having the bad side of every good thing.” Why”?

“Nothing good will always be our own in this state, if it is fuel scarcity we get the worst, if it is administration and the issue of governance we equally get the worst, in terms of developments our state has nothing to show. Look at the issue of this fuel scarcity, ours in this state is so unique to the extent that a gallon of petrol at the black market is sold today at the rate of 900 naira, and at government price you spend days before you get the product. I’m asking Buhari to explain to Nigerians over the issue, I don’t think this is kind of “change” we yearned for”.

Another Man who has been on the queue for the past three days, simply says his name is J.J and who is anticipating to get fuel today regretted why he voted for APC who has deceived him with the Mantra of “change” as he said it appears now that it is change for bad, change to make Nigerians suffer untold hardship.

He accused Buhari of being indifferent and not having the feelings of people, and the country at large, as to why he will allow the fuel scarcity to linger for more than necessary.

“I think all the blames should be shifted to Mr President because he is the president of Nigeria and doubled up as the Minister of petroleum, he has enough answers to this problem, as corrupt as PDP were blackmail to be , we have never experience fuel scarcity of this type. I m wondering if they can solve this issue before next year”

The secretary of People’s Democracy Party, PDP, in the state, Barr A T Shehu said the fuel problem in the country has the  ability of  discrediting the present government, as it has never been part of PDP government to have long time of fuel scarcity problem in the country the way we are experiencing now.

“I pray this problem will be over soon, but really we are feeling it bad, the PDP led government has never allow petroleum to hold the country into ransom they way we are seeing now. Only God can deliver us”.

A lecturer with Modibbo Adama University (MAUTECH), in the department of Information management Technology, Dr John Ngamsa holds a contrary view of the problem, adjudging that Buhari or the present Government should never share the problem of the present fuel scarcity.

Dr John blamed the senior officers in the ministry of petroleum, knowing the fact that they all know everything that had been going on in the petroleum industry.

” Buhari should be exonerated of any blame in the problem we are facing of the fuel scarcity, the men in Senior positions should be called to order, they know where the problems are, Buhari should be counted out of this mess.”.

Aliyu Mohammad a rider of tricycle angrily regretted on voting in the present leaders, as lamented he has been brain washed with the “change mantra”.

The publicity secretary of All Progressives Congress, APC, Ahmad Lawal said the sharing of the PMS products problem to goes to Federal Government with DPR for failing to instil discipline to the selling agencies like IPMAN, major marketers and even the general public who most of them are black marketers of the product.

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