Scores Feared Dead as Suicide Bomber  attacked  Shi’ites Trekkers From  Kano

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Ibrahim Usman

Graphic Pictures of the Dead Victims

Scores of Muslim Brothers and Sisters on Arba’een symbolic trek on the second day from Kano to Zaria were martyred as a bomb was detonated at Dakasoye village, outskirt of Kura town.

Sign of the incidence was first reported when a suspected bomber was arrested with a round of bomb belt tied to his waist in Kura town.

Upon interrogation, the bomber confessed two of them were sent from Mubi to Sambisa and finally Gwammaja Quarters in Kano for a suicide mission to kill Shi’ites during the Arba’een trek.

While manhunt for the second bomber on the loose was going on, the bomber detonated the bomb among the trekkers.

Scores of Brothers and Sister, including children were killed. Among the dead was the bomber whose only remain was his chest and head.

Sheikh Muhammad Mahmud Turi and Sayyed Mustapha Potiskum who arrived the scene, ordered evacuation of the dead and injured to ease traffic congestion.

The symbolic trek has since continued as normal.

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