Weep Not For Odudu Ukpanah: The Political Prisoner By Eneh John

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“I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter.” – Walt Disney
“Those who steal the joy of the young minds,die before their actual death.”-Eneh John
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“Why do the heathen rage;and men imagine vain things.”-Bible
To the killers of Late Engineer Albert Ukpanah and those who have held Odudu captive, today I seek the permission of Uduak Ukpanah Ofonime Pushie Ukpanah Eki Jimmy-umoren and Odudu to say we forgive you.
I realise that in forgiveness, we can get justice.
Even Jesus while on the cross said,”Father forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.”
No matter who you are, we breathe the same air.
We will all be buried in the same grave size.
Irrespective of the fact that,you were tall or short while you existed on earth.
To all those who are part of the #ReleaseOduduUkpanah campaign,weep not for Odudu.
But rather, weep for the people that made him a political prisoner.
No matter how dead your conscience may be, it still breathes life.
Meaning that all men are still equal.
Weep for the people whose end will be worst than their beginning.
Weep for those whose eyes seems to be overshadowed by injustice.
Weep for the people which posterity will never judge right
Weep for the people who eat crumbs from the masters table.
Weep for the people who can only destroy the flesh and not the soul.
Weep for the people who killed their joy on the day Albert Ukpanah was murdered.
Never weep for Odudu, for he is paying a price for the youths.
Never ever weep for the Ukpanahs’ but rather be consoled that their father laid down his life for a common cause for a greater Akwa Ibom tomorrow.
That our youths will never be victims of political detention after Odudu.
Weep not for Odudu Ukpanah, for someday, like Mandela had regained his freedom from political detention, freedom is on the way for Odudu.
On that great Thanksgiving Day for Odudu’s freedom, will you be there?
We are ever united in one accord to say #ReleaseOduduUkpanah


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