Water Shortage Rocks Wauta Community In Jigawa State By Umar Faruq Usman,Dutse

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Shortage of potable drinking water is now rocking   Wauta community in Garki Local Government a situation which has made the  community leaders in Garki to voice out their suffering, according to our reporter who visited Wauta village found out that  that people of Tsira and Dakidaka community were also among the community suffering from the water shortage  problem.

Our reporter finds out that many  families use donkeys and cow trucks to fetch water for their daily activities, the majority of the people living in that community is Hausa and Fulani and their mainstay is  animal rearing.
A youth leader in the community Malam Yushau Wauta said  that they have been in that problem for the past 20 years, adding further  that nobody care to save their life and even try to assist the people living around the area. The Youth leader  said that the community has vowed that in the coming general election, they will not participate in voting any candidate from PDP contesting for any seat in the local government
According to them, they said that there even if Sule Lamido wants to contest for the Presidential election that they will not vote for him, as they will rather cast their vote for President Goodluck Jonathan.
Aside not having water, they also said that Wauta community don’t have schools and hospitals as they added that there is no evidence of democracy in that state.
The community leader said that only one hand pump which was constructed by Former Chairman Alhaji Wada Usman Garki, he added further that the hand pump after fixing worked for one week and then stopped working and since then it is no more working.
He therefore advised the council chairman to come to their aid  by providing water to the community.
When contacted the council Chairman Malam Abdullahi Maku, who directed his secretary to speak said the council is aware of the problem and they have done their best to get water for the community but  find it very difficult to get water because the area was overtaken by iron as it is not easy for a small drilling machine to get water there and most of the construction agencies working for the local council to drill water pump uses small drilling machines

According to him he said that they will forward their problems  to the state government because it is above the capacity of the local government due to none availability of funds to finance the projects

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