Wase Killer Squad: How Shehu Roasted One, Gunned Down 3 -Survivors Narrate Ordeal In Court

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Yakubu Busari

The Criminal elements terrorizing Tarok communities in Wase Local Government Area are alleged to be involved in conspiracy and instigation whereby they are drumming an inter-clans conflict in Plateau state.

In a suit filed by the Commissioner of Police, Plateau State Command, against Shehu Jatau and Nanjul Isah who are Tarok speaking natives but settled in Kurmi community of Taraba state, the matter which came up for the continuation of hearing on Monday the 11th January 2021 one of the survivors of the onslaught narrated his ordeal while in the custody of Shehu Jatau and Nanjul Isah in Lamton village.


According to him, Jinan Nimmyel, when Shehu Jatau and his boys invaded their community with heavy weapons killing people, as he tried to escape the deadly attacks but they went after him by chasing him until they finally overpowered him and held him.

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“We rode on the bike, three of us to Padai community where I came face to face with three other members of our village who are under the custody of Shehu boys tied with ropes.


“However, before we pass through Lamton village which is our own settlement, I saw four dead bodies lying lifeless and already the town has become a ghost town completely.



At Padai village where they took us, one Danlami Pon Jatau was already tied on top of a tree and set on fire and he was screaming for help until he finally got roasted to death.


It was alleged that the political saga between the Tarok speaking natives is gradually taken a fresh dimension as victims are crying out for help.


Jinan Nimmyel in his explanation told the court that three of them were shot with a gun on the orders of Shehu boys who invaded their homes sometime in May 2019 killing and sacking the residents of the entire village.


Then, the second witness, PW2, Mr. Nanzing Maisamari said as the youth leader of the Kurmi community he has always had a disagreement with Shehu Jatau over his constant harassment and intimidation of people and sometimes he attacks neighboring villages and cart away their properties including killing them.


Why I’m in court today is to testify what happened between me and Shehu Jatau in Kurmi community because of his activities, we keep giving him advice yet he refuses to listen to us and one day I was sleeping in my house when I heard a knock on my door as I open it, behold it was Shehu Jatau who instructed me to hand over my phone to him which I did.


He (Shehu ) started scrolling numbers down to see those he claims I serve as an informant to them, then he called me out for questioning by ordering his boys to take me to the nearest bush where I was flogged with wounds all over my back.



His boys tied my hands and legs together, then, he started abusing me calling me a wicked person as he warned that he would have killed me but because of one reason, he is allowing me to live.


My Lord because of this singular act I have abandoned my family and wives but I can’t go back there, he is terrorizing us and even security personnel are afraid to talk to him.

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