The Unrepented Activist In A Royal Regalia

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Abdulbaqi Jari

His Royal Highness Muhammad Sanusi II, The Emir of Kano, has been regularly poping up in the news since 2015 when he openly challanged former President Goodluck Jonathan over looting of funds in the NNPC. Over the time the Emir is  building a catalogue of reputation for himself as an anti-corruptikn crusader and anchor in the promotion of  good governance in Nigeria.

The setting in Nigeria is, people only talk to promote or protect their interests. A lot have argued the unnecessary controversy the Emir is generating is unnecessary looking at the decorum tradition rulers are expected to maintain.

But royalty, personality, decorum and interest aside, the Emir is not totally wrong on the inep-nature of the FG under Bubari to arrest the artificial economic situation the country is in. Though a proverb says ” Na zaune mai ganin damar kokowa”. The former administration has succeeded in destroying all the reserves Nigeria had. The Emir like many experts can advise, but implementation might prove to be difficult. Buhari too had that confidence it wont take long to position Nigeria, something he is turning on now.

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On the other hand, it been about 2 years since Sanusi left government, just like Garba shehu said, he might be naive of the current situation in government considering the fact that their is change in policy and people.

The Emir mean well for Nigeria but somehow doing it is a wrong way. An open confrontation with Buhari or his policies wont earn rewards. Still revered by the people snd making terrible mistakes, Buhari is still the most popular man in Nigeria and people have wholeheartedly refused to see the wrong in his wrongs. It could be wise had it been he is writing to advise on ways. But still, you cant resent me for not following your counsil and heading my way even if it leads to trouble.

The media in Nigeria is the helping corruption and bad governance is such a way that journalists dont carry out investigative journalism to champion good governance. Naturally, the few that choose to be different, people question their motives. More than half our daily newspapers only reports on government affairs and releases sent to them by MDAs, NGOs and the private sector. To make matters worse, the people of Nigeria are so blinded with sentiments that they allow themselves hurt than allow their own be made to account for his actions and inactions.

If Sanusi can help support good governance advocacy groups that would be better. We need strong institutions to carry on the consistent fight for the people not strong men with seasonal feelings.

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