The Sorry State Of Education In Kaduna State Written By Mock Kure

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In one of the schools, one will see some benches in a place that look like passage. That
passage-like-facility is a classroom that doubles as staff room. It primary usage is staffroom. 
All forms of learning in this community are done in an open space. A woman was lamenting that learning and duration in which students stay in school is dependent on weather and season. No form of learning is expected during this raining season.

If one takes a close look at a ceiling board (not blackboard) that I snapped u will realize that the last time learning took place was 2nd of July. To the best of my knowledge, Thursday and Friday were not declared as public holiday!
The people of this community don’t know what government is all about. The future of their children is at stake.
In the pictures below, one will see some empty classrooms without chairs. The students of that school learn on bare floor.
Note that I visited about 4 different schools in that community. The best one will encounter is having maximum of two class rooms.
The maximum staff strength in those schools ranges from 2-3. NCE graduates in my state have no reason to be unemployed.
Is it really true Namadi Sambo the vice president of Nigeria is from Kaduna State?
Governor Yero, can you please put a stop the #Wheelbarrow approach of Youth Empowerment and focus on human capital development.
Kaduna State does not have a functional government, period!
I wish to call on federal government to urgently deploy the staffs of ICPC n EFCC to swiftly enter SUBEB and probe the alleged cornering of 3bn Naira contracts by the governor.
I wish to call on my friends all over the world to share these pictures until it get the attention that is deserve.
The Centre of Learning is now teaching the whole nation how to head the most corrupts and clueless government.
May Bad leaders have their mandates and contracts terminated and aborted on or before 2015 in Jesus name!
Source: Elombah

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