Strange Disease In Ondo Caused By Herbicides Not Molokun god Says WHO

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The World Health Organisation, WHO has said that the mysterious death of 18 persons in the in Ondo state is probably caused by a pesticide poisoning.
This assertion was made by the Head of Public Relations/Social Media for the World Health Organization, Gregory Hartl.
According Hartl he said the ailment now known as OndoX is as a result of herbicides.
Hartl who posted this in his twitter handle, Gregory Härtl @HaertlG  read thus; “#OndoX: current hypothesis is cause of the event is #herbicicdes. Tests done so far r negative for viral and bacterial infection @EbolaAlert”
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According to Hartl he said tests carried out so far on the cause of the disease showed negative for both viral and bacterial infection.
Deaths arising from the strange ailment according to WHO was as a result of weed killers which are Herbicides, used against unwanted weed and plants.
It will be recalled that since the outbreak of the strange disease in Irele of  Irele local government area of Ondo State, the deaths of its victims has been attributed to act carried out by six boys who were said to have broken into the shrine of Molokun, the deity of the people, which were also desecrated it by stealing artefact and revered items.
The disease which has killed 18 so far has its symptoms as fuzzy vision and headaches, and followed by loss of consciousness as death takes place within 24 hours.

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