Stop Greed ,Focus on Achievements ,Group Tells PDP Leaders

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A political pressure group, Liberal Democrats Alliance ,has tasked leaders of Peoples Democratic Party to refocus the campaign and stop greed that is threatening the electoral chances of the party.
In a statement issued in Abuja and signed by its coordinator, Mallam Grema Abdulahi, the group lashed out at the PDP campaign Organisation for mismanaging the campaign and failing to sell the party on the basis of its many achievements under President GoodLuck Jonathan.
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” We have watched with consternation the prevailing high level  of greed, misdirected strategies and exclusion practices that are threatening the electoral chances of the party. We are shocked with the failure of the campaign Organisation to sell Mr President based on  issues and his achievements in office.
” The organisation had wasted precious times on trivialities better handled by outside groups. It has created communication gap between Nigerians and the President. The campaign group has failed to answer questions agitating the minds of Nigerians about the status quo and directions the country is taken in the future.
” We are shocked that the campaign Organisation has failed to tackle the APC on its lack of coordinated strategies and policies on various sectors of the economy .Nigerians want to hear what the president has achieved .They want to hear what other plans the President has in stock for them.They are angry they are been fed with attacks and negative campaigns.
” We are also worried by the continuous display of greed and avarice by many in charge of campaign for the reelection of Mr President. APC makes use of the best of its members. APC draft their best minds into the campaign. The opposition works on deeply conceived strategies .Excluding many great minds in the reelection movement is a grave error that the party may pay dearly for if no corrective measure is taken.
” We warn our leaders that urgent reassessment of the campaign efforts should be carried out.Corrective measures should be taken without delay.Exclusion and greed can only guarantee a shocking defeat at the polls.

” We will like to declare that the party is in grave danger today and most party members will not forgive the leaders at Wadata and Legacy house if the PDP should fail at the forthcoming election. It is not late for errors to be corrected ,for the focus of the campaign to be redirected and for great minds locked outside to be integrated into the campaign”, the group said.

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