Sheikh Zakzaky Debunks Gumi’s Assertion, Says Cleric Lacks Credibility

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The leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, popularly known as Shiites, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky yesterday debunked claims advanced by Sheikh Ahmad Gumi who on Tuesday in a public letter said Zakzaky should seek repentance and stop misleading followers.
Zakzaky in his reply made available to newsmen in Kaduna said Gumi lacked credibility to decipher or question their Islamic practice instead should remain focus in his own devotion.
In the reply signed by his spokesman, Ibrahim Usman, Zakzaky said: “The choice of the time to write the letter gave Dr. Gumi a way, he was all out to attack Sheikh Zakzaky and the Arba’een symbolic trek currently taking place across the country. We are used to his constant attacks on Sheikh Zakzaky and Shi’a. This is not the first time Dr. Gumi is complaining that members of the Islamic Movement led by Sheikh Zakzaky are blocking public roads in the name of procession.
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“In 2009, Gumi registered the same complaint during his Tafsir in Sultan Bello Mosque. He went ahead dangerously to call on the government to shoot those he called ‘Shi’ites’ blocking public roads.
According to him, Allah has given the government the “license to shoot them”. And the government heeded to the call. A week after, armed combined security operatives shot two people during the Quds Day procession in Zaria.”
Zakzaky added that letter was written with insidious intent to pave way for a greater onslaught on the Shiites, saying “this is exactly what Dr. Gumi is doing through the letter.
He is doing their dirty work. For Dr. Gumi who has lost credibility even among his circle to claim that, the Shi’ites are chanting “hate songs”, is the pot calling the kettle black.

“He questioned our rights to embark on a procession or trek, we have every right as citizens to demonstrate for or against, propagate and practice our creed. Let Dr. Gumi rejoice over the killing of Husain, grandson of the Holy Prophet, son of Fatimah and Ali, as he always does. As we mourn and beat our chests, we say:“O self, you are worthless after Hussein. My life and death are one and the same, So be it if they call me insane!.As for the trek, which detests so much, we proclaim as we march forward: If they sever our legs and hands, we shall crawl to the Husain!”

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