Real Reason Why Bauchi Government Revoked Land Housing AIT/Ray Power In Bauchi

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Bauchi State Government has revoked the land housing Da’ar Communication Plc owners of African Independent Television, AIT and their Radio Station Ray Power.

According to a statement signed by the Commissioner for Works, Land, and Housing stated that the land was revoked for overriding public interest as contained in section 28 of the Land Use Act of 1978.

However, this medium gathered that revoking of the Land housing the AIT/Ray Power Land Bauchi Stations may not after all be due to the reason of overriding Public Interest as stated by the Government in its revocation letter.

However, sources within Bauchi told this medium that the Governor may have seen AIT and Ray Power in Bauchi as a voice for the opposition in the State, for instance even politicians who are in APC who are opposed to the Government style of leadership uses AIT and Ray Power to air their views to the Bauchi polulace, a move which the State Government considers not good for his image in the State.

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This medium gathered that Hon. Ahmed Yerima, Senator Wakili among others always use AIT/Raypower to air their views, and AIT/Ray Power being an independent station privately owned gives its medium to be used by the politicians in the State unlike the state owned stations who are monitored by the State Government who owns them.

Some top politicians in the state who spoke with this medium stated, that the Governor himself was a beneficiary of politicians who used AIT/Ray Power to attain to the height he is now,  “this was a man  who before he became a governor has used AIT to express his views to the people Bauchi, even he was not allowed to use the Government Stations.”

“It is still fresh in our minds, that during the election when a curfew was imposed, this Governor then went and used AIT/Ray Power to tell the people not to listen to the curfew , but rather wait to protect and defend their votes, now he is power he is fighting AIT/Raypower.”

As learnt by this medium, the action by the Governor is a desperate effort by him to gag the media.

See the Letter of Revocation Below:



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