Re: Why Tukur Mamu Is After The FCT Minister

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While DH Publisher, Mall. Tukur MAMU, could not be reached immediately to respond to the sponsored article by the FCTA against him, DH SMS Alert Acting Editor, Sonde ABBAH, said in response that the entire content of the FCTA piece against MAMU is laughable and that it contains nothing NEW from their usual ranting and claims for almost two years now. He wondered why the same people that sued MAMU and leveled phantom allegations against him chose to avoid the sitting of the Court since the proceedings begun which he said is there in the records of the Court. The acting editor said even during the last sitting in the Court of Appeal penultimate week the hugely exaggerated competence of their counsel, Joe Kyari Gadzama, who is more interested in the millions he is charging his desperate clients than their interest in the case was put to question as he was challenged using legal authorities by the young and vibrant counsel of the Protection Rights of Journalists of Africa, PRJA, Barr. Abdul Mohammed who is representing Tukur Mamu.
The Appeal Court judge openly told Gadzama that he is disappointed with his conduct as a SAN because of the lacklustre and unprofessional manner he is handling the case and for failure to file a single paper in the Appeal over eight months after Justice Danladi Sanche of the Abuja High Court granted the request of the defendants to go on Appeal. The judge on the strength of Gadzama’s failure to file any paper said he will not even entertain the case that day and ordered him to pay a fine of over N300,000.00 to the court covering the total number of days he failed to file his papers before it. On the insistence of Barr. Abdul the judge also directed counsel to Sen. Bala Muhammad and Ibrahim Bomoi, Gadzama ‘SAN’ to pay Tukur Mamu the sum of N10,000.00 for each of the two separate cases as fine.
It is clear, according to Abbah that they don’t have any case and that all they are initially after which was resisted by Mamu is to get judgment through the back door. ABBAH said after several attempts on MAMU’s life, the use of instrument of the state against him and failed attempts to implicate him, he will be stupid to release a sensitive book that indicts not only the FCT Minister and his officials but the First Lady in a regime that promoted and officialized impunity and vendetta against perceived enemies.
Abbah cited the travails of the current Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi, even after emerging as emir until he was literarily forced to apologise to Jonathan due to intimidation and threats of arrest. He also mentioned how governors with constitutional immunity that are opposed to Jonathan managed with difficulty to survive with their securities at one time withdrawn, impeachments plotted against some, sponsoring and encouraging unrest in some states while some governors are even prevented from using government own airports and wondered how Mamu will remain in the country under such government and despite attempting killing him when they detained him in September 2013 and release such a book. Doing so according to Abbah will have been disastrous for Mamu considering the desperation and criminality of those at the FCTA. He said even Chief Obasanjo suffered temporarily in the hands of same government when he released his book, My Watch, in addition to the same government sponsoring through proxy to obtain a dubious court order to stop the circulation of the book and mobilizing SSS and the police to confiscate the copies.
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He said the fact that FCTA officials naively failed to read between the lines behind MAMU’s shrewd reasoning and logic shows how imbecile Bala MUHD, BOMOI and their inept media team are. ABBAH told them to wait patiently and see what will happen after May 29th. ABBAH said whether BALA, BOMOI or his likes accept it or not the relationship between MAMU and Gen BUHARI is dated back 16 years ago and that the Pres-Elect by his actions on many occasions respects MAMU and accord him high regard and that as a patriotic citizen MAMU will remain a major stakeholder in the new Govt even though he’s not interested in serving anybody.
ABBAH maintained that being a victim of same brazen criminality using instrument of the state, GMB knows more than anybody that the claim of certificate forgery against MAMU by the BOMOIS of this world were all fabrications and that whether they like it or not, the DH Publisher is a holder of Masters Degree from ABU, ZARIA which was why the two institutions in Nigeria and Niger Republic officially wrote to him while ABU, Zaria on the request of the Police also recently wrote to the Police confirming his academic status. He said ckearly the police are doing a hatchet job to the minister and Bomoi. But the hired writer of the FCT minister deliberately ignored that well documented fact when he wrote his tale against Mamu but the truth is that the official records of all the correspondence with the institution is there in both the record of the Police and that of Mamu.
He said for Sen. Bala Mohammed to justify his illegal and fraudulent employment yesterday and even directly daring the president-elect to dismiss the beneficiaries of his fraudulent employment if he didn’t like their faces is not only disrespectful to the president-elect but shows the type of person the minister is. He said Bala is making the noise because he has make all arrangements to leave the country before the swearing in of the new President. Abbah lamented that abusing and making libelous claims against Mr. Sam Ndah-Isaiah in their piece is irresponsible and shows clearly how frustrated BALA and BOMOI are. ABBAH eulogised ISAIAH as among the few distinguished media icons the country ever had and said BALA and BOMOI as public servants have so much to lose and regret now or in the near future, and that no amount of fabrications will ever affect MAMU as a private individual. He then said “sooner than later the duo will realize with regret the futility in fighting a journalist with vast contacts, influence and intelligence like MAMU”

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