RE: My Brother Ibrahim El-Zakzaky: It’s not Too Late to Repent Bukhari M. Bello Jega

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And that when you judge between people you judge with justice (4:58)
The life of man passes through various stages. In each stage, man gets confronted by various obstacles and distortion from people and community, either out of envy, or as result of ignorance. Envy and hatred are destructive elements in man that destroys faster than Ebola disease. Unfortunately, for the envious, they never recovered from such illness, till they died of it. It is within this prism, one begins to examine and reflect on the above admonishment to Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H) by the Kaduna based controversial talk show sheikh Dr Ahmad Abubakar Gummi. The open letter to Sayyed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H), was met to condoled him over the unfortunate killing of his three of children and 31 followers by the Nigeria Military, but, ended up spitting the venom of hatred, misinformation and misrepresentation of facts and display of envy and ignorance. For one, if you are condoling someone, you don’t need to remind and blame him for his children’s death. Haba, what kind of cruelty and disrespect is this? It’s only shows the psychological and physiological misgiving of the man, who called himself and is regarded as an Islamic Scholar.
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On a natural ground, by Dr Gummi, does not require a rejoinder, because of two reasons: One, for a man who used his tafsir session to called for the killing of fellow human being especially Muslims, is either psychologically sick or he doesn’t understand the essence of protecting peoples’ right, honour and blood. Secondly, for a man who publicly says that “so what if Imam Hussain was killed” shows his level of stupidity and hatred towards the households of the Holy Prophet (S)? For these two reasons, i felt the man is already on the abysmal of confusion, psychologically malignant, intellectually ignorant, spiritually contaminated and historical condemned. However, reading the letter again, i realised the perfidious bunkum need a strong rejoinder if not for anything, but, to put the record straight, and to speak and address the most important segment of the society, which the Dr himself alluded to in his closing statement as: “My Brother, i write you this open letter for others also not necessarily in your sect to get admonition. It is never intended to trigger a sectarian argument. Its about public order and mannerism”. For this words from the apostle of public order and mannerism, i decide to educate and refresh the mind and heart of Dr Ahmad Gummi, because, i feel the short detention he suffered in Saudi Arabia has either demoralised and deflected his self esteem and self worth as the apostle of Wahabism or the frustration and unfulfilled ambition of stepping into the shoes of his late Father, in heading the National Association of Izala group, is creating psychological alienation and hopelessness for the man who wants to be seen as new apostle of rationality and salafism.
In educating Dr Ahmad Gummi, one need to draw the attention of the man, by reminding him, that, never in the history of condolence, did one came across an opened letter that condoled someone for the unfortunate lost of three children, in the same line, accused the person for been responsible for such tragedy at the same. In whatever situation, courtesy demand decorum and respect to the grieving family who lost three grown up undergraduate children in one day, in an unjust circumstance. But, one realised justice and courtesy is never a garment wore by the like of Dr Ahmad Gummi, if history is anything to go by. One wonder, what are those actions that, constitute contributory factors in the unfortunate avoidable tragedy? Is it showing solidarity to the good and spirited people of Palestine or loving and sympathising with fellow Muslims who are daily killed and mutilated by the usurped and genocide state of Israel? Is this show of solidarity and support to the people of Palestine equally equated to innovation in Islam? I think, clearly, Dr Gummi failed to understand or is ignorant of universal spirit of brotherhood and solidarity in Islam? Is Dr Ahmad Gummi aware of this Prophetic ahadith that says “if someone hears a person calling Muslims for help and does not respond positively to his call and request for help and does not assist him, he is not a Muslims”? May be Dr Ahmad is not aware of this hadith or his pervasive hatred to anything protest and show of solidarity to the good and spirited people of Palestine has becloud his sense of reasoning and judgment, especially coming from the followers and lovers of the Households of the Holy Prophet (as). No doubt, International Quds day is our own unique way of showing solidarity to the good people of Palestine as encourage and expounded by Imam Khomeini (QDS) in 1980.
And the question of alienation as expressed by Dr Ahmad Gummi! The questions we are force to ask Dr Ahmad Gummi: who is going to be alienated? By who? The society or from government and sponsored clerics like you? Indeed when Dr Gummi expressed his fear that the leadership and the movement will be alienated, you wonder if Dr Gummi is really in this part of the country or he is mistaken himself to be Saudi Arabia? Because, i don’t know for now, if the society has any hope and shield of protection, more than Sayyed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H) and members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria? What disastrous consequence is he talking about, more than the carnage and killing industries in the country we are witnessing in large scale and the general cowardice and conspiracy of silence by cleric and so called Muslim leaders? Who has been on the front line calling people to order and energising them to take action? One finds it funny, if Dr Ahmad Gummi begins to insinuate, that, the leadership and movement will be alienated from the society. No doubt, from July 25, 2014 till date, we have not seen anything but victory and societal reawakening. Surprisingly, the unjustified kill of the three children and 31 members of the movement and the dynamic reactions of the Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky to this carnage and insensitivity by the Zionist dogs and pigs, only open the gate of solidarity, love, unity, sympathy, and appreciation by millions of humanity within and outside the country; who call or send letters of commiseration with the leadership and members of the movement over the unfortunate incident of state sponsored terrorism against peaceful young protesters. May be Dr Ahmad is so blinded by hatred that, he failed to take notice of the movement of people and the society to the Gyellessu country home of the revered leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria for more than 40 days; which is unanticipated in the history of condolences we know.
Sadly, Dr Ahmad Gummi, you are wrong on this note, because, the unjustified killing and mutilation of the bodies of mostly young and future of this country by your friends – the Nigeria military, was a game changer in exposing the true identity of original Boko Haram as often exposed by Sayyed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H) so many years ago to the gullible, fatalistic, belligerent and sometime innocent Nigerian people especially the Muslims. For your information, Dr Ahmad Gummi, it’s took the sacrifice and blood of these young and active youth to finally bring the attention of the world and Nigerians on who the real Boko Haram are. For us, it was the biggest victory, which finally entrenched and consolidated the leadership and movement as the true representative and saviour of the belligerent Nigerian Muslims and masses in general. But, i know you cannot understand, but, at least, we have done our best to show, you instead of alienation, what, we got was reintegration, acceptance, sympathy, love, support and appreciation of dynamism and sacrifice by the leadership and followers from the society. I think if there is anybody who in the last five years since his incarceration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, that has been facing alienation, is your humble self Dr Ahmad Gummi. If my thinking is right, even the mainstream Izala Non Governmental Organization (NGO) your late father founded doesn’t have regards for you, because, they don’t regard you as a serious Sheikh among the line of Sheikhs, in their national preaching (Wa’azin Kasa).
May we remind, Dr Ahmad Gummi ever since your return to Nigeria, before your incarceration in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially from 2009, in various your talk shows in Sultan Bello Mosque, you have been a source of disunity and bad omen to the fragile unity, cooperation, peace and security among the Muslims populations. Do you know a lot of people even among your listeners often felt ashamed of your poisonous venom and ignorant in the name of Islamic preaching? Unfortunately, your various attempt to create sectarian tensions especially in Northern region, not only failed, but, seriously alienated you from millions of belligerent Muslims masses, who have suffered years of inter/intra religion crisis. So, sometime, we failed to see ourselves in the mirror and reflect over our failure, sickness and faces such sicknesses affecting us with a sound and spiritual diagnoses, but, often neglect ours and point accusing fingers on spiritually healthy and true servants of Allah. Allah is saying “Let not detestation for a people move you to commit injustice. Be equitable – that is nearer to godfearing (5:8)”. Equally, a hadith of the Holy Prophet (S) as reported by Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (a), say that, “he who has appointed himself an Imam (preacher) of the people must begin by teaching himself before teaching others. His teaching of others must be first by setting an example rather than with his words, for he who begins by teaching and educating himself is more worthy of respect than he who teaches and educates others.” So, please reflect on these verse and ahadiths, before unleashing your venom on righteous servant of Allah, who heel to this admonishment before, he begin to called humanity to the path of Allah, His Prophet (S) and members of his pure progeny (H) On the issue of innovation and division, it is sad, Dr Ahmad you forget so soon. I really don’t understand what you mean by innovation, but, if honouring and showing love to the Households of the Holy Prophet (S) is what you call innovation, then, i don’t know what you say about the verse of the Holy Quran where Allah commanded His greatest servant (S) to tell the people, that ‘I ask no other reward of you save love of my next of kin’ (42:23). In a tradition of the Holy Prophet (saw) where he admonished the companions and our generation, that; “He who desires the pleasure to live my life, die my death and dwell in a Garden of Eden which my Lord has planted, let him be a friend to ‘Ali after me. Let him also be a friend to his friends. Let him finally be guided by the Imams after me, for they are my progeny. They were created of my clay, and have been vouchsafed knowledge and understanding. Woe to those of my community who deny their superiority, and those who violate the demands of kindness to my next of kin. May God not grant them my intercession.”. The Prophet was equally reported to have said; ‘I am at war against him who fights against you, and will show peace toward him who shows peace to you.’ This invective is strongly put in another tradition related on the authority of Abu Bakr, the Prophet’s famous Companion and the first political caliph. He said:”I saw the Messenger of God pitch a tent in which he placed ‘Ali, Fatima, Hasan, and Husayn. He then declared: ‘O Muslims, I am at war against anyone who is at wars against the people of this tent, and am at peace with those who show peace toward them. I am a friend to those who befriend them. He who shows love toward them shall be one of a happy ancestry and good birth. Nor would anyone hate them except that he be of miserable ancestry and evil birth.
May be this one is not clear to Dr Ahmad Gummi, what about this ahadith as related on the authority of Salman the Persian: ‘Whoever loves Hasan and Husayn, I love him, and whomsoever I love, God also loves, and whomsoever God loves, He shall cause him to enter into the gardens of bliss.’ Likewise he who hates Hasan and Husayn shall be consigned to the Fire, because both God and his Messenger will hate him, ‘and a terrible punishment awaits him’. So, from the Quranic verse and ahadith of the Holy Prophet (S), we begin to ask Dr Ahmad Gummi, is showing love or sympathising with the Households of the Holy Prophet (S) over the brutal and inhuman killing of Imam Hussain (as) Family and companions what you call innovation and division?
My problem, with you Dr Ahmad Gummi, is that; just because, you don’t know, or didn’t come across or refused to accept some basic facts, you tagged it as innovation or what? For your information, what Sayyed Ibraheem Ekzakzaky (H) is doing to humanity, is to open up what was closed for them in centuries ago by the leaders of that time; your late father, lieutenants and your likes in this present time. Secondly, Dr Ahmad Gummi, when you talk of innovation and division, isn’t not only laughable, but, reflect the level of deficiency in your reasoning, if only, you can look within the portrait of your late father Dr Abubakar Mahmud Gummi, you will find answers to your accusation. Once upon a time in Nigeria, we are people of faith, with just one mosque under the leadership of one Imam, until your own father came up with the idea of forming and registering an Islamic Non Government Organization/Association called Jama’atul Izzalatul Bidi’a Wa’iqamatul Sunna in the 1970s. Ever, since this NGO was registered, peace, unity, love, solidarity, brotherhood, and spirituality have not only eluded us; but, everything has now divided: mosque, greeting, relationship, marriage and in some quarters we are hearing even burial ground are now divided among people of the same faith.
Dr Ahmad if we can refresh your memory, it is your own father and his followers that sowed the seed of disunity among Muslims, by referring to Muslims as unbelievers, just because, they did not share same ideological lineage with them. However, the last time, i did a background check, the leadership and followers of Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H) are still with their Muslims brothers praying anywhere praying time catches up with them; behind any imam acceptable to the people; they are still in the performing their juma’a, and eid prayers in the old community mosque and prayer ground; interestingly, the followers have no mosques of their named after their leader or their line of thinking. So, we wonder, what is the meaning of sowing the seeds of disunity among Muslims you are referring to Dr Ahmad? One wonder, when pot begins to called kettle black, you begin to question the justification and justice in such accusation.
Dr Ahmad Gummi, can you produce any tape or video where Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H) ever called any Muslim an unbeliever no matter his ideological lining? If there is, please produce evidence. Secondly, in the last 36 years, the man of destiny; the moral and spiritual conscience of Africa Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H) has been at the frontline in calling for unity among Muslims irrespective of ideological lining that is why one week is often set aside during the birthday of the Holy Prophet (S), to call and celebrate Unity week among Muslims and humanity. Unity week has now become platform where Islamic scholars and humanity interact, engage and sharing knowledge and love aim at fostering unity, solidarity and understanding among Muslims. So, when you talk of innovation and disunity, one wonder, what you are referring to? Please search within the portrait of your late father, you will find answers to this accusation.
On the issues of Tantaki, which you referred to in your open letter to Sayyeed (H), indeed Dr Ahmad Gummi, you can never understand nor appreciate the miracle of Tantaki, because, your heart is already blinded with prejudice and hatred for anything Imam Hussain (as). One can contextualised and analysis your observation under two variables: one that of confusion and second envy/hatred. No doubt, your first hand encountered with followers of Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky trekking from Kano to Zaria out of solidarity and show of love for Imam Hussain (as) can be very confusing for a Wahabist/Salafist like you. Confusion, because, in your widest thinking, you cannot imagine, that some Nigerians can be inspired and energised to take such a tedious journey for the course of Imam Hussain (as) you so despised so much. Probably, your initial thought, as you cruised in your air conditioned car, is that, they might be going to some short distance place, but, to your greatest dismay, on your return from your talk show in Dutse, you still met this energetic and lovers of Imam Hussain (as) still walking.
For someone, who is in your age and field, his brain cannot accept this love and sacrifice. You are confuse, because, what this ported, is – the era of liars, insult, propaganda, blackmails and hiding the truth about the households of the Holy prophet and glorifying their enemies, is coming to an end, because, people are not only seeing practical actions, but, are showing their appreciation for such a wonderful sacrifice and love to the Holy Prophet (S) and members of households (as). This could equally mean bad business and end to porridges and opportunistic adventures enjoyed by some of you around the corridor of power and among some gullible, fatalistic and innocent Muslims. No doubt, fear and lost of business ventures and opportunism can be very confusing to your likes. Equally, lost of privileges especially against the backdrop of you coming from the clan of Sheikh Abubakar Mahmud Gummi can be very disturbing. For your information, what, Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H) is doing is to uproot the liars and confusion of 60 years and plants the seeds of truth and direction for Muslims and humanity. So, it is really scary and confusing at the same. For your information, the message the symbolic trekking had send to the gullible and innocent Muslims, is more than what the heart and the brain can conceptualised; because, we some admiration, love and prayers from people in every community we passed. Remember, every society appreciate the brave ones among them.
Secondly, envy/hatred is another issue, if the tune of your open letter is anything to go by. When ones heart is full of malicious hatred and envious he sees nothing good in anything beautiful, as he continues to hold unto anything to justified his point. For me, this is what your half baked analysis and so called “My dear Brother” advice has just exposed. Dr Ahmad Gummi may i remind you that, there is no heavier burden or more dangerous behavioural or psychological disorder that inflicts man more than enmity and the act of harbouring feeling of hatred against others. Hatred is one of the most disadvantageous feeling affecting man’s happiness and tranquillity. Hatred stems from the power of anger and destroyed man’s spiritual balance. I believe the lives of religious leaders supposed to be full of honour, nobility, forgiveness and humanness. Dr Ahmad Gummi, i feel these are attribute that you suppose to have reflected upon before writing such bunkum. No doubt, every civilised law gives the people the right to association and freedom of religion worship. When you make your inquiring, we give you the simply answer, the law of Allah gave us that right, because, we mourning the death the son of His greatest servant (S) Imam Hussain (as). I know, you cannot understand this, so, the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria gave us the right to walk on the road, as a testimony to our religious duties under the fundamental right principles.
Funny enough, your question is not only one-sided, but, reflect your general disdain and hatred to anything Islamic movement in Nigeria. At least, we too should ask you some questions begging for your answers: which civil or religion law gave Muslims the right to block the roads during Friday prayers? Which civil or religious rights gave the politicians the rights to block the roads during their campaign rallies? Which civil or religious right gave your followers to block the roads with their cars during your talk shows in Sultan Bello Mosque? Which law or religious rights gave Paster E.O Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of Christ to block the Lagos-Ibadan expressway for more than ten hours during crusades? Which law or religious right gave the President or his wife to block all the entry point to the Federal Secretariat for hours, forcing majority of innocent workers to trek to their offices? Which civil or religious right gave people the right to block access road during parties and marriages? These are fundamental questions, searching for answers because, we are equally fulfilling our own manifest duties to Allah, messenger (S) and members of his households (a) as Muslims; just like the above mentioned equal citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. After all we are not the first why the squabble and confusion? So, Dr Ahmad Gummi really i cannot understand your apprehension and disgust, if the above categories of Nigerians can equally hold motorist to ransom without your objection? One wonder, why the criticism and name calling? Is it because it is in memory of Imam Hussain (as) you despise so much? Dr Ahmad Gummi, if you have maintained your cool and observed the procession you could have appreciated beauty, love, perseverance and sacrifice of people for the single love and sympathy to the households of the Holy Prophet (as). Equally the motorists you complain about, only suffered short distance slow movement, which was properly coordinated by members of the Islamic movement traffic team. Your complain Dr Gummi, only reflect the general impatient of Nigerian motorists, not, as result of the symbolic trekking, the traffic officers perfectly coordinated the movement; as the motorist only suffers few kilometres one lane movement, as they link up with the next junction, to continue their movement ahead of the procession. And glory is to Allah, from the beginning to the end, no accident was recorded, due to Allah’s mercy and gift of creativity and commitment of brothers and sisters that controlled and assisted various motorists navigate their ways, which was applauded and appreciated by all.
One finds it laughable, when you said “If your action is to propagate your creed, iam telling you, you will only attract the poor young ignorant miscreant of the society. Never the sane except of course the disgruntle”. Indeed, if there is anything, which, shows envy at its best is this statement. No doubt, Dr Ahmad Gummi, your confusion of crowd, reflects your narrow thinking, how Islam spread so rapidly around the world. Do you think Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H) is doing what he is doing to get attention or followers? Indeed, this is the thinking of materialist, but, for someone, who is within the spiritual ream, knew, that, it is Allah who gave the hearts of his pious servants to who wish, based on his exceptional obedience, spirituality and sincerity of purpose. Equally, when you talk of Sayyeed attracting only “poor young ignorant miscreants of the society” i think, you failed to reflect deeply before saying this bunkum. Because, if you have reflected very well, you will understand, this is a tradition of pious servants of Allah starting from the Holy Prophet (S) to Sheikh Usman Dan Fodio. Have you ever seen where rich people and owners of power structures in the society, accepted social reform, especially from Islamic perspectives? Who were the people that fought the Holy Prophet (S) during his prophetic mission? And who were the people who accepted the Prophet’s message? For calling “us poor young ignorant miscreants of the society”, for me is a compliment, since it is coming from you.
For your information, we “poor young ignorant miscreants of the society” were no doubt lost, ignorant, miscreants and societal rejected until Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H) rediscover us and guided us to the right path. We, “poor young ignorant miscreants of the society” were people whose society and leadership perceived and sees from the vantage point of just added numbers of getting more revenue through census figures or an object of winning elections, that, is why they destroyed our morals and spirituality, to give us the exact name you are calling us, until Allah in His Infinite Wisdom, Mercy and Love, raised Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H) to call us back to the fold of Islam by refining our polluted thinking and believes, to that of celestial teaching and guardianship of Allah, His Prophet and members of his households. Indeed, with what, we have achieved so far, and the zeal, energise and moral resuscitations we got from Sayyeed Ibraheeem Elzakzaky (H), then wallahi we agreed to be condemn as young ignorant and societal miscreants by you. Unfortunately, we have not see, what the likes of you have done so far to outclass what Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H) has done for our generation and our society. Even your late father, could not restore our hope and religious believes with certainty like what Sayyeed is doing in the last 36 years. Mind you, Sayyeed don’t need the symbolic trekking to propagate his creed (if there is anything like that, more than Islam), because, his consistency, sincerity of purpose, spirituality, courage, knowledge, pragmatism, sacrifice, practical examples and teachings are classical examples for people to see. Sayyeed is never looking for crowds, but, he is only fulfilling his mission on earth of reviving and reforming the true Islam to it originality, after years of distortion, containment and conspiracy. So, please, it is you that is hopelessly fighting and trying to get crowds of followers, failure to which, is creating this apprehension. It is not by words, arrogance, lying and collaborating with the devil, but, oga it is actions and practicality please. So, don’t get deluded and frustrated, humble yourself and learn from the best please; envy, hatred, ignorance and arrogance are serious diseases, that may finally ruined you completely.
Dr Ahmad, you alluded to delinquency and disturbance of public peace (which you have not provided example) is the reason for government target? Are you sure? Haba Dr Ahmad i know you can do better. This point is so superficial, because, if you check the history of the world, an unjust authority is always afraid of unstructured, organised and disciplined movement especially with dynamic leadership with sincerity of purpose; a movement that never compromised it Islamic principles nor dance azonto music with the oppressors, like you have done and you are doing. To educate Dr Ahmad, it is not our behaviour, but, the fear of victory and revival of Islam is what is frightening the government, not this shenanigan please. Various community can testify, to our organizational ability and discipline in all our programmes, because, we have leadership that guides and shows direction. We are never left without direction. So, one begins to ask, where and when did we act in a delinquent way, thereby disturbing the public peace? Dr Ahmad i thought you are not only Sheikh, but, equally an intellectual, who doesn’t just make a sweeping statement without offering reference and fact? I don’t know which unfaithness and civilization you are talking about?
It is equally, not too good when people who clothed themselves in the garment of scholarship especially Islamic, liar on broad day light. I find it disturbing, when Dr Ahmad accused the movement that, “Young men brandishing knives and unsheathed swords…..” Haba Dr Ahmad, everyone who knew the history of this movement, knew that carry weapons has never been part of the movement’s struggle, even amidst provocation by the authority, like we saw during the July 25th 2014 massacre and genocide. In educating you Dr Gummi, we need to inform you that, the movement is an intellectual and spiritual struggle; it aimed at revolutionising the distorted thoughts and actions of the Muslims community. So, how do revolutionize the thinking, souls of people, will be done with knives and swords? What is the value of knives and swords in this world of heavy weapons and technology? You see Dr Ahmad, even our enemies will deplete this argument of yours, because, they knew us as peaceful, organised and discipline people, but, your hatred have blinded you to see the truth. May be Dr Ahmad Gummi is mistaken the movement with their wahabist/salafist/takfir terrorist groups operating in Iraq, Syria and around the world. We wish to admonished Dr Ahmad Gummi, to reflect on verse of the Holy Quran where Allah is saying; “O you who believe! Be upright for Allah bearers of Witness with justice, and let not hatred of a people incite you to act equitably; act equitably, that is nearer to piety (5:8)”
Dr Ahmad Gummi, most often your outburst only exposes your general ignorance about Islam. If only you keep quiet and restrict yourself on issues you have no knowledge of, you could have maintain your standing among your followers. Your disdain for Imam Hussain (as) has finally sealed your heart, from understanding and appreciating this beautiful verse revealed by Allah on those killed on the side of Allah. Dr Ahmad Gummi, i really find it disturbing, when you said, “How can you be the good servants of Allah when you call other human beings beside him. We saw your placards calling: Ya Hussein. Hussein the Son of Ali – May Allah be pleased with them and all the companions – is dead. He can never answer your call and he will never. He will also deny you on the day of judgment for calling him…..”. It is sad indeed for a scholar who is calling people to the ways of Allah, can say this statement against a verse of the holy Quran where Allah is warning us “And do not speak of those who are slain in Allah’s way as dead; nay, (they are) alive, but, you do not perceive Suratul Al-Bakara:154”. Dr Ahmad Gummi, here Allah (SWT) is saying he (Imam Hussain (as)) is not death and you arrogantly and disrespectfully saying he is death; so, who do we believe the words of Allah or your arrogance? Or are you denying Imam Hussain (as) his martyrdom because he rises against your idol Yazid ibn Muawuyya bin Abu Sufyan? For your information Dr Ahmad Gummi just because you despises Imam Hussain (as) and relegated him to just an ordinary person, does not change the course of history and his position in the heart of true believers. Just look at the hopelessness and disdain “Hussein son of Ali – may Allah be pleased with them and companions – is dead”. This is disrespectful and shows your level of ignorant and arrogance against the households of the Holy Prophet (as).
For us, we call Imam Hussain (as), from the stand point of admiration, love and appreciation; because, for all we got today is because of this single sacrifice of self, family and companions to revival this great religion. Our love for Imam Hussain and sympathising with the Holy Prophet (S), his households (as) is premise on this beautiful love and unity of soul between the Holy prophet and Imam Hussain (as). We are equally guided by the verse of the Holy Quran where Allah says “I ask no other reward of you save love of my next of kin’ (42:23)”. And the ahadith of the Holy Prophet (s) as related on the authority of Salman the Persian: ‘Whoever loves Hasan and Husayn, I love him, and whomsoever I love, God also loves, and whomsoever God loves, He shall cause him to enter into the gardens of bliss.’ Likewise he who hates Hasan and Husayn shall be consigned to the Fire, because both God and his Messenger will hate him, ‘and a terrible punishment awaits him’. Our love and calling Imam Hussain (as) is because of this commandment and his own sacrifice in reviving this religion. So, we really don’t know, if the Dr Ahmad Gummi is the ultimate Judge on the Day of Judgment to reach this conclusion of Imam Hussain (as) denying us for mourning his death and remembering his massacred or he is now assuming a direct consultant of Allah (SWT)? This reminded me about an epistle by Abubakar Gimba in his book “Letter to my Unborn Child” where Gimba was quoted to have said that “…………. the cleric would set your conscience free from guilt, or even legal punishment, and in addition, secure a house in paradise if you pay unsolicited fees to the consulting clerics, who carry themselves as if they have a contract with the Almighty God for the custody of the keys to paradise…….
This is the case with Dr Ahmad Gummi. We if he has contract with God or with Imam Hussain (as) not to recognise his mourners and people who answers his call for help. For God sake, for someone who said “so what if Imam Husain is killed” now having the audacity to say, the same Imam Hussain will not answer his mourners and helpers, tells you the level of average reasoning and knowledge of Dr Ahmad Gummi. I don’t want to start quoting various ahadith from the households of the Holy Prophet (as) because, i know you don’t believe in them and you don’t give a damn, but, to informed you indeed, all mourners and helpers of Imam Hussain (as) will get his intercession and without the love and mourning the massacred of Imam Hussain (as) wallahi no paradise to anybody, because, the paradise itself is theirs to distribute on that day of judgment, because, they (Imam Hassan and Hussain (as)) are the leaders of youth in paradise. So, we begin to wonder, if it is the lover and defender of Yazid Ibn Muawuyya the killer of Imam Hussain that will get his recognition and sympathy. I told you, all your argument reflect the disease and sickness you are suffering which you have refuse to treat yourself.
Your last point Dr Ahmad Gummi, is not only interesting, but, reflects the general self important you attached to yourself. The unfortunate thing, you still refused to be guided by reasoning and knowledge, but, your bitterness and hatred for Islamic Movement. The question we want to ask Dr Ahmad, on what ground did Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H) lost his three children you referred to as shirk? In football viewing houses or road accident or armed robbery or drug related problems? Is dying in the course of Islam and Muslims or calling people back to the fold of Islam in the last 36 years, what you are referring to as “path to perdition and shirk”? Then what do you say about this verse from the Holy Quran where Allah is giving glad tidings to those who strive in His course: “Allah hath conferred on those who strive with their wealth and lives a rank above the sedentary. Unto each Allah hath promised good, but He hath bestowed on those who strive a great reward above the sedentary degree of rank from Him, and forgiveness and mercy. Allah is ever forgiving, merciful (Q4:95-96). Or may be Dr Ahmad Gummi may not have had of this verse “Lo! Allah hath brought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain. It is a promise which is binding on Him in the Torah and the gospel and the Quran. Who fulfilleth His convent better than Allah? Rejoice then in your bargain that ye have made, for that is the supreme triumph (Q9:111). These were verse showing the important of martyrs on the side of Allah. Or we ask self appointed Allah’s consultant Dr Ahmad Gummi, if their death is martyrdom or not?
Indeed, the three pious children of Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H) were brutally killed during a rally in honoured of the belligerent, long suffering people of Palestine. For one they died fighting for a just course cherished by Allah; secondly, they died depending a holy land that is the third sacred place for Muslims; thirdly, they died with the bullets and tortured wounds from the hands of the greatest savage and hopeless creature in the country; and lastly, Allah tasted his pious servant Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H) with a trial only given to the peak of Allah’s servants. According to ahadith the Holy Prophet was asked: ‘who among men are those afflicted with the greatest calamity?’ He replied: The prophets, then the pious, everyone according to the degree of his piety. A man is afflicted according to his faith (din); if his faith is durable, his affliction is accordingly increased, and if his faith is weak, his affliction is made lighter. Afflictions continue to oppress the worshipful servant until they leave him walking on the face of the earth without any sin cleaving to him. And Allah (SWT) is equally saying that “And certainly, we shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but, give glad tidings to As-sabirus (the patient). Who when afflicted with calamity, say truly, to Allah we belong ad truly to him we shall return (Q2:155-156).
So, Dr Ahmad Gummi we really don’t understand what the perdition is and where shirk is please? Because, Allah no doubt, Has tasted his servant and His servant has accepted his trial with the patience and understanding of these (three children) are the ultimate sacrifice to watered the beautiful tree of Islam, like all previous pious and great servants of Allah had experienced, before. Dr Ahmad Gummi, if you have allowed reason, faith and knowledge to guide your assessment before writing “My Dear Brother letter” to Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H), letter of commendation should have been the basis of your letter, not blaming him for the killing of his children. If the verse and ahadith above is anything to go by, you should have congratulated him for passing this great trial from Allah. But, as usual reasoning, spiritual understanding of events and knowledge are something alien to you, if your past records are anything to go by. No doubt, the blood of these innocent children and 31 followers have finally sealed the hope of all believers that Islam will resurrect again, whether evil and hopeless characters like it or not. Victory and assurance is what we saw, not perdition or shirk.
As for your call for Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H) to repent; we then ask you, where is the place where repentance are accepted? Publicly in Sultan Bello Mosque where you hold your talk show or privately in your house? Are you Allah’s consultant that accepts repentance on his behalf? If we decided to go back to what is normal from your thinking, are we allowed going back to the Dariqa Sufism or Izala founded by your late father? I know Dariqa Sufism is old school to your understanding or are unbelievers? Which of the organization Izala/Wahabism/Salafism? If it is Izala, which one – Kaduna or Jos? You see, what you are saying is total confusion, because, man doesn’t arrogate to himself the power of judging someone of been on the wrong sight by mere fiat except he has strong facts to back it upon. Even if he has strong fact, you cannot decide to Allah where to place his servant or decide to him who he forgives or not. For me, the yardstick to judge who is right or wrong is to place the two parties on ethic, teaching, morality and spiritual scale then judge period. I believe if Nigerians or Muslims are to cast their vote between your humble self and Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky on moral and spiritual scale, i know majority will vote and testify to the later (Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H)) than neophyte and up starter like you Dr Ahmad. Equally, if the basis of the voting is some basic qualities of leadership, such as those qualities from admonishment and pious words of Shehu Usmanu Foduye (1806:403-404; “a strong belief in the value system of the society in question; justice-because an unjust man may act arbitrarily and may transgress so that people are deprived of their right; capacity to give independent judgement both in the “roots” and the “branches” of the sharia (law); possession of sound judgement and diplomacy in handling affairs, capability of being strait when necessary and lenient where leniency is required; and ability to execute his decision and command…… it is essential that the change of affairs should be given to man of resolution, sincerity and honesty”. If these are the qualities, please for the sake of Allah, and truth, between you and Sayyed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H) who possesses these qualities and who do you think the Muslims are willing to entrust their future with?
No doubt; even the enemies of Sayyeed knew him with these qualities; so, one wonders who is to repent to Allah. By altering the world “Hussain is killed so what” wallahi is a affirmation or endorsement of what Yazid did to the households of the Holy Prophet (a) which requires one who alter such word to repent and seek forgiveness from Allah, if one knows what he is doing. Equally calling and meeting with oppressive leaders and people who masterminded the killing of Shahid Abdulraham and others in 2009 International Quds Day, is equally a treasonable offence that requires one to seek repentance from the families, leadership of the movement and to Allah (SWT). At least during your talk shows, you informed us, that, you have just return from a meeting in Abuja, Insha Allah issues of Shiates and Islamic Movement in Nigeria will be history; so, whatever, the outcome of that crime and killing of innocent people by the Nigerian Police in 2009, Dr Ahmad Gummi, your hands no doubt is stained in its. So, one begin to wonder, between you and Sayyed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H) who really need to repent to Allah? Please reflect and look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself the truth. Conscience is an open wound only the truth can heal it please.
Finally, Dr Ahmad Gummi i think you need help; a help that is both spiritual and physical. Spiritual you need to heal the wounds of hatred, malicious statement and discussing issues you misconceived, due to narrow knowledge or enmity. Courtesy, decorum, sincerity, morality and spirituality in spoken words and practice should be our guiding light as we continue to broaden our interactions and engagement as Muslims and humans. We must be promoter of love, unity, goodness and discouragers of evil among humanity. Allah is saying: Have We not appointed to him two eyes, and a tongue, and tow lips, and guided him concerning the two highways (of goodness and virtue and of evil of and vice)? (90:8-10). Dr Ahmad Gummi your bitterness about others Muslims is on-call-for. Remember we are Muslims who recite the same Quran, facing thesame qibla, fasting, paying zakkat and attend pilgrimages; so, where lies the problem? Our differences can never draw us apart, because, even among our families we have difference, yet, we still remain family. Dr Ahmad Gummi love should be the foundation of our security and comfort. It should be the most enjoyable spiritual need which should develops with time. This is because; the secret of happiness is for us to maintain brotherly relations with one another, instead of chaos, enmity and confusion. No doubt, those who cannot love their own kind cannot live an anxiety-free and secure life. The people killing Muslims around the country, don’t distinguished who is IZala, Dariqa or Shiate, they, are killing Muslims, left, right and centre. I believe building unity, understanding, solidarity and pragmatic approach to ending this killing machines in the region, should be our major headache not this distraction.
Secondly, our physical advice to you Dr Ahmad Gummi, please be careful with these friends of yours, that, you seem to be doing their bidding. These friends of your have no permanent friends or enemy, their permanent friends is their interests. Don’t allow yourself to be an object in their hands to create enmity and hatred and division among Muslims, because, that, has always been their game place and at the end of the day, they killed their agents. At least we have seen various scholars who dance and wine with them; that equally misrepresented and misguided their followers with the venom of hatred and division, at, the end were killed in mysterious circumstance. I believe you can still remain the brutal assassination of Zaria based scholar, who is not only an expert in insulting Mallam Zakzaky (H), but, has turn a choke of his followers to hating machines, but, at the end the agent of the state assassinated him. Even when Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H) informed the world, that, it is the government that killed him; nothing happened. Out of desperation, the government through the Department of State Security Service paraded five suspects as the killers of the Zaria based scholar to doused weight of Sayyeed (H) indictment, yet nothing happen. So, Dr Ahmad Gummi we are your brothers and sisters in faith wallahi. We love you more than those people who you think are your friends and sponsors. Please don’t allow them, to you and dump you at the end of the day. We believe you still have a lot to contribution to humanity, if only you can broaden your chest and soul to accept diversity and different interests group. I believe, we are all Muslims, and we are all doing our best to contribute to the growth and development of Islam; so, unity, tolerance, understanding, love, solidarity and building bridges and handshakes among Muslims and across humanity should be our major source of concern and urgent priority for now.
In conclusion, Dr Ahmad Gummi i think you need to reflect on these two important verses from the Holy Quran: “And that when you judge between people you judge with Justice (Q4:58)”. And “Verily, those who conceal the clear proofs, evidence and guidance, which we have set down, after we have made it clear for the people in the book, they are the one cursed by Allah and cursed by the curser (Q2:159). Equally, in the words of Dr Dale Carnegie in his famous book “How to Win Friends and Influenced People” you find cure and answers. Dr Dale is saying, “When we conceal hatred and enmity in our heart towards our enemies (we are not your enemies, but friends and brothers and sisters in faith), we actually give them control of our eating, drinking, sleeping, health, happiness, and even our blood pressured. We indeed make them control these things, by ourselves. Our hatred for them does not hurt them a bit but it does change our lives to unbearable Hell”. You see Dr Ahmad we really don’t want to control your life because of bitterness and hatred towards the leadership and we the followers as raised by the specialist himself. And you see also all your venoms, attacks and misrepresentation in the last six years have not hurt us in anyway.
May Allah guide us to the right path of His righteous and greatest servant Mustafa Muhammad (S) and members of his pure households. May Allah guide all those who are innocent and ignorant of the mischief makers, who conceal the truth from Allah’s servants. May Allah unite the Muslims against the enemies of Islam and humanity who specialised in shedding blood of innocent victims and those who defend their action in Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Ukraine, and India etc. May Allah accept the sacrifice and martyrdom of the three pious children and 31 followers of Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H). May Allah continue to bless, protect, and give our leader Sayyeed Ibraheem Elzakzaky (H) good health for this wonderful work he has done and is still doing in reawakening and guiding conscience, emotions and religion to the right path. We equally wish to pray for patience, perseverance and steadfastness to the family and we the follower, over this unfortunate sad event and victory for the love of Islam and in answering the call of Imam Khomeini to support the abandoned and helpless people of Palestine.
This rejoinder is in line with your sunnah as captured in your concluding statement: “My Brother, i write you this open letter for others also not necessarily in your sect to get admonition. It is never intended to trigger a sectarian argument. It’s about public order and mannerism”. My little reflection and rejoinder Dr Ahmad is in line with your sunnah, with little adjustment as “it’s about public order, intellectualism, knowledge sharing, mannerism and seeking Allah’s blessing insha Allah. Assalamu Alaikum Dr Ahmad Abubakar Gummi
Bukhari M. Bello Jegai Is a member of Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria

Can be reach: [email protected]

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