Re: ID Gyang To Replace Jang In 2019

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Our attention has been drawn to a post making the rounds in the Social Media alluding to the above subject matter.

Much as we would have ignored the insinuation for what it is, being the machinatiom of desperados, it is apt that we respond as it is already in the public domain.

Doubtless to say that the post is a well crafted script orchestrated to soil the relationship between our father Distinguished Senator JD Jang and Hon ID Gyang.

It is a seed consciously sown with the sole intention of provoking and fanning the embers of discord between the two, whose good working relationship has been and will continue to be cordial.

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We are very much aware that the terrain of Nigerian politics is replete with land mines but the sponsors of this script have exposed themselves rather early.  Needless to say that the radder has picked them and the  intended harm averted!

For those who know Hon ID Gyang, he is too descent to be associated with such crude tactics.

We are therefore appealing to our people not to be distracted but rather, be calm, watch and pray against the antics of desperate politicians.

Chuwang Dungs,

Media Assistant to

Hon ID Gyang,

NASS, Abuja.

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