Pwajok Expresses Concern Over Non Collection Of 800,000 PVCs By Yakubu Busari,Jos

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Senator Gyang Pwajok, PDP Gubernatorial Candidate in Plateau State has expressed concern over INEC’S inability to distribute over 800 thousand PVCs in Plateau state.
As the controversy surrounding the collection of the Permanent Voters card (PVCs) continue across the country, Plateau state according to the latest statistics released by INEC is ranked 26th out of the 36 states of the federation of people, who have collected their PVCs.
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This development has been described as sad and worrisome by the Peoples Democratic Party’s candidate in the 2015 gubernatorial elections in Plateau state, Senator Gyang Nyam Shom Pwajok.
 Speaking on INEC’S seeming inability to get Nigerians and particularly Plateau people their PVCs, the PDP gubernatorial candidate said “a situation where up to 800 thousand people are yet to collect their PVCs, It is also a possible reflection of apathy building up ahead of the general elections”
On the extension of the dates of collection of the PVCS from 31st January to 8 February, 2015 by INEC, Senator Pwajok said it is a step in the right direction.
The Gubernatorial candidate whose chances in the February 28th election looks brighter and better with every campaign is however expressing concern that, out of  the thirty six states in the federation, only about 57 per cent of Plateau registered voters’ claim to have collected their cards so far.
The implication is that over 800 thousand PVCs are yet to be collected in Plateau state, out of a possible two million registered voters.
The Gubernatorial candidate is also thinking  that “ Plateau people must get out of that fear of being disenfranchised, and begin to wake up to their civic responsibility and collect their PVC cards and ensure that, at the end, even if you are found in the rural area or the city that this odd should not be against the state”.
Senator Pwajok added that “If people wish to have certain clear individuals to represent them, if our democracy must be nurtured, it can only be nurtured only through the process of selection of public officials, the selection of Public policies, the selection of the right political parties, and I strongly believe that we must step up the collection of our PVCs if we must realize our dream as a people”

INEC must ensure that the distribution of the PVCS are not done on the pages of newspaper, radio or television programmes, they must deliberately reach out to the registered voters.

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