Primary Schools In Dutse, Jigawa State Where Over 670 Pupils Receive Lessons Under Trees

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  • Also Sits On Bare Flour To Receive Lessons

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Zobiya  Primary school in Dutse Jigawa where Pupils learn under tree
While the State Government in Jigawa claim to have sunk millions of naira on eduation in the state, pupils and students of primary and secondary schools are still receiving lessons under trees and on bare floor an investigation by our reporter in Jigawa reveals. 
Investigation by our reporter who visited the schools in Dutse local government area found out that student of Zobiya primary schools from primary one to Primary three classes are receives lesson under trees.
According to the report, Zobiya primary school is just 30 minutes drive away from Dutse the state capital, the school has a population of 580 pupils. Aside the issue of seating on bare floor to take their lesson, there is also the case of qualified teachers, teaching in the school as the school can only boast of four teachers including the Headmaster.

It was reliably gathered that the schools has no toilet, both the pupils and teachers defecate in a nearby bush, inspite of the claim both by MDGs AND Jigawa State Government  that toilets have been built to eradicate the menace open defecation in the state it. According to the reporter, about 300 pupils receive their lessons under the tree.
According to our reporter, when he contacted the community village head of Zobiya Alhaji Aliyu Suleiman, expressed his concern that their children are facing serious problem on education because in their primary and junior secondary schools there is no adequate teachers as well as no toilet and no enough classes in the primary and junior secondary school in the village.
The Village Head also that the community still have the issue of water, according to the Village Head he said for six months now, they have no water for about six months and according to him despite all their complains to both the Ministry of Water Resources and Education Ministry to take come to their rescue, there has not been any response from them.
When our reporter also visited Warwade primary school along Sakwya village also in Dutse, it is also the same with the first school visited, a school with a population of  285 pupils has toilet and even there is also no source of water for children and pupils and as a result many of the children have stopped from attending school. The school can only boast of four teachers.
Meanwhile upon his visit to Gadarawa primary schools in Sakwaya village in Dutse local government, an emirate town with a population of about one million people is the same story as their schools are also without benefits.
At Sakwaya Central Primary school, the story is the same, as the school with a population 800 pupils from primary one to primary four is still receiving their lessons on bare flour in their classes and it was observed classrooms have no windows. The school also lack water supply, there are dilapidated structures as well no perimeter fencing for the school. Information obtained by our reporter reveals that Sakwaya central primary schools is one of  the oldest primary school in Dutse local government , a school that was established in 1967 since that time when the Jigawa State was still under  Kano state.
In the schools visited by this reporter, the many of the Headmasters declined comment, however when our reporter visited the Permanent Secretary to Ministry of Education Alhaji Abdullahi Hudu in his office, he told our reporter that the Ministry is not aware of the problems ravaging the schools but that they will find out from the Agencies concerned.
Sakwaya Primry School in Dutse where Pupils sit on bare floor to receive lesson

Meanwhile the Executive Secretary State Universal Basic Edcuation Board Alhaji Sani Abdullahi said the state government is now building structures in school to reduce the shortage of classes in the schools, as he added that ongoing projects of renovation of classes are still going in the state.

According to he said that explained further that he also has discovered abandoned class rooms in Kiyawa local government and discovered that Jigawar Tsada primary schools are having shortage of classrooms.
He said that there are over 60,000 pupils in primary schools in the state even as balmed the contractors who are responsible for the supplying of tables and desk meant for schools pupils.
Speaking further he said that if the their budget is approved by the state government the board will supplied over one million furniture for schools in the state with a view to eradicate the menace of inadequate seating materials in primary and junior secondary schools in the state.
He said the board is facing the challenge of finance and as such this has hindered the board to solve myriads of problems facing it, even as he said that his board only receives financial support from federal government once in a year.

Investigation conducted by our reporter shows that in all the four schools visited by our reporter they have a population of about of 1676 pupils in which out of the said numbers over 670 pupils and students receives their daily lessons under trees.

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