President Buhari Declared Open 30th National Quranic Recitation Competition

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Rabiu Omaku

Impressed with the recent performance of a Nigerian winning laurels for the nation as the second best in the International Qur’anic recitation competition in Saudi Arabia,This commendable feat has launched Nigeria in the hall of fame in the Islamic world .

The president commended the Centre for Islamic Studies, Usmanu Danfodio University, Sokoto for organizing the National Quranic Recitation Competition, The commander in Chief of the army force of the Federal Republic of Nigeria stated this while declaring the 30th National Qur’anic Competition hosted by Nasarawa state.

Nasarawa state Governor who represent the president at the 30th National Quranic recitation competition described Qur’an as the pivot and the cardinal principle that guides the life of every Muslim,He said the holy Quran is the compendium ,values and etiquettes of Muslims worldwide. “As Allah commands in Suratul Muzzammil, “Auzid alaihi warattilil Qur’ana tartila”, it is, therefore, obligatory upon every Muslim to learn how to recite the Qur’an in the original text as revealed to the seal of the prophets, Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

“It is to our knowledge that citizens of this great country have been participating in international Qur’an recitation events and have been winning laurels for Nigeria.  It is pertinent to note that only recently, a Nigerian came out the overall second best in the International Qur’an recitation competition that took place in Saudi”.

The president affirmed that the National Annual Qur’anic recitation competition was Intended and aimed at encouraging and inculcating in our children and, indeed, adults the culture of learning and memorization of the Qur’an,He buttressed that the competition continued to offer opportunities for the discovery of hidden talents in Nigeria who through this important channel compete favorably with their counterparts across the world.

The enthusiastic president prayed for a best performance of Nigeria competitors in the forthcoming international Quranic recitation competition, Calling on the participants to surpass the previous records in terms of adherence to the teachings of the Qur’an, its tajweed and tafseer as taught by the learned in the science of the Qur’an.

“I believe that by doing so, whoever emerges the overall best will be the best representation of Nigeria in the next edition of the international Qur’an competition. not against you on the day of qiyama by extension, I have no doubt that Nigeria will clinch the overall position, once again.

Muhammadu Buhari congratulated the participants who were able to scale through the selection processes and representatives of their respective states in this national event. “As you start this spiritual activity, I urge you to feel comfortable and savour the hospitality of the good people of Nasarawa State”.

The sultan of Sokoto and president Supreme council for Islamic affairs, Saa’d Abubakar appealed to the team of judges to be fair in the discharge of their responsibility to the propagation of Islam.

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