Plateau Speaker Advocates For Introduction Of Price Control Agency In Nigeria

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Yakubu Busari

The Right honourable Speaker Plateau State House of Assembly, Hon Peter Azi has advocated for the establishment of a price control agency in Nigeria under the supervision of the federal government.

The Speaker stated that if such an agency is established it will help in cushioning the effect of inflation that will alleviate the suffering of Nigerians.

The issue of price control which is necessary, Dangote who is the major distributor of amenities has said he had not added one kobo, “now go to the market and see what is happening, is like we have been sabotage, so we really need to have an agency that watch on this issue for the benefit of our people”.

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He said formerly there was price control under a decree and we are appealing to our senior colleagues at the National assembly to see reason, they may not be going to the market but we are more close to the users of these commodities.

Azi said here in Plateau state we can enact a law that have a direct bearing on our people and this is for benefit of the electorates.

He expressed concern on the overwhelmed party and salute the supremacy of the party high ranking that are brainstorming on how to move forward.

APC is party that will rescue Nigeria and salvage the people of Plateau state.

He also called on party leadership to continue to expose those stealing public funds, adding that the introduction of price control agency will ensure that nobody can sabotage federal government effort in the current fight against corruption.

“We should be ambassador of APC in whatever you are doing to nurse the party toward 2019 general election”.

He admonished traders to trade with the fear of God not inflict prices of commodities in the market indiscriminately.

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