Plateau PDP Disowns Mantu Comments On Election Rigging, As JT Useni Declares His Intent to Contest for 2019 Guber

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Yakubu Busari

The Plateau State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)  has disowned former Deputy Senate President Ibrahim Mantu over his comments on how he rigged elections in favour of the Party in 2015,  and issue credited to Lt General Jeremiah Timbut Useni.


The Party Chairman reiterated the neutrality of the Executive Committee of the Party in the state in respect to the 2019 elections in the State.


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The Chairman made this clarification when the State EXCO of the party hosted one of the governorship aspirants, Sen. J T Useini, at the party Secretariat, to formally submit his letter of intent.


Sango said the party will give a plain level field to all contestants vying for gubernatorial position under the platform of PDP.


Sango also said that the aspirants and their supporters should go on their campaigns respecting other contestants so as to make the game interesting.


He assured the gathering that came to support Sen Useini that PDP will take back its rightful position both in the state and at the national level, given the quality of aspirants that are coming out for various elective positions. He wished Sen Useini best of luck in his campaigns.


Senator Jeremiah Tumbut Useni, formally expressed his willingness to vie for the Governorship seat of Plateau State comes 2019 by flooring posters across the party Secretariat.


Senator Useni, said he has finally made up his mind to contest having done a wider consultation, with the People of the State.


The Senator made this known at the State Secretariat of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), where he personally presented his letter of intent to vie for the seat.


“My reason for coming here is to inform you having gone through many processes and after due consultation on the need to contest for Governorship,” he said.


Senator Useni told the PDP executives that he will meet a larger gathering in the Plateau and will make a formal declaration.


“I am not a stranger in Plateau, I am not a stranger in politics,” he said.


According to him, Plateau state used to be a peaceful state, stressing that; “but today it is unfortunate, though I am not here to blame anyone.”


Senator Useni called on his campaign team not deter in working towards victor, and further admonished them not go about abusing the oppositions.


The PDP State Chairman Damishi Sango, while responding said the Senator’s decision was a welcomed one in the party.


“There is no APC in Plateau State, is the sate of PDP, but we know that there was an accident, and having healed the injuries, we will come back to get back our state,” he said.


He said Senator Useni, is a great leader who has something good to give but not to take.


“We welcome this decision, of seeing full minded people coming to contest for the seat, because you have nothing to take but you have something to give, unlike those that will only come to get something,” he added.


Sango said now that they have received his letter it is no more a rumour, and they wish you good luck.


“This contest is about so many people coming in the party. We will provide enabling playing ground to all members of the party,” he assured.

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