Plateau Commissioner Apologizes To Citizens Over Use Of Abusive Words, Says It’s A Mistake

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Yakubu Busari.

The Commissioner of Information and Communication,  Plateau State Dan Manjang, has tendered apology over comments made to the general public on covid-19 mandatory order given to all Nigerian

He said ,” You would  recall that in the course of the week,  I issued an announcement  with respect to the flagrant disregard to government order by the public with regards to the Presidential Order imposing a curfew on the country between the hours of 8.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m. of each day”.

Manjang who issued an unreserved apology explained further that citizens should consider it as an act of mistake .

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Furthermore, the statement reminded the public of the mandatory need to wear masks failure of which the security agents saddled which such enforcement were called upon to deal ruthlessly with the situation.

It has come to my notice that the choice of word “ruthlessly” has not gone down well with the public, more so with the current gory happenings in the state.

I had made a correction on the statement replacing the word “ruthlessly” with “strictly ” but regret that the corrected script did not get the wide circulation the  first one did.

It is in this light therefore,   that I apologies for the use of the word ruthlessly and hereby withdraw it from that statement forthwith. I’m deeply sorry.

Thank you  for the understanding.





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