Plateau Assembly Clerk Position: Why Lalong Sacked Barr Ayuba Gongu And Appointed Ponven Wuyep 

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Yakubu Busari

The Plateau State House of Assembly has been described as the worst in the business of managing the progress of the state since the present regime came into power five years ago as one of the three arms of government, politics, maladministration, revenge mission has continued to weaken the wheels of development.


One of the major problems affecting the state House of Assembly, in Plateau state has to do with a lack of technocrats in managing the administrative structure and the departments over the years.


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However, the worst politics that can cripple things in an organization is that of bridging the civil service procedure rules.


Our investigation beams searchlight on the recent development in the absence of the clerk and deputy clerk when the vacancy was created.


But this medium gathered so many reasons why the alleged refusal of Governor Simon Lalong to appoint  Barr Ayuba Gongu even as he considered Ponven Wuyep for the post, as this medium that the both are not qualified for the position.


Information made available to our medium revealed that Executive Governor Simon Lalong and Barr Ayuba Gongu were classmates way back but we unraveling the misery behind them as former classmates.


The faults of Barr Ayuba Gongu and his unforgettable moment that is still hurting him ( Lalong )when he was then the speaker during the state of emergency, he Barr Gongu didn’t proffer solution or legal advice to them during the drama of Mantu and Dariye state of emergency rule.


The then members sought him for legal advice which unknown to them he Barr Gongu was standing on the side of Sen Ibrahim Mantu and six members of the assembly who impeached Lalong and they were sacked for illegal defection to another political party.


This appeared now as payback as  Lalong became an elected Governor,Gongu sin of remaining in the house as the clerk poses a serious threat.


Information revealed that Barr Gongu was earlier sent to NIPSS for a higher study to just create a position of clerk of the House vacant, so that while Barr Gongu is still at NIPSS undergoing studies the government ousted him out of office by replacing him with Ponven Wuyep who this medium gathered is a junior staff.


It’s was gathered that there were Senior ahead of him in the statehouse of Assembly and secondly, he isn’t qualified to occupy the said clerk position.


However, information reaching us shows that during the prearranged interview most of the deputy clerk didn’t show up, it was only Ponven Wuyep who appeared for the interview because the clerk position was main for those that are qualified with the necessary experience required.


Then, there was a vacant position for both the clerk position and deputy clerk and Barr Ayuba  Gongu wasn’t qualified either but one Habila Dung being the former clerk also participated in the interview and scored the highest marks and was disqualified.


Information within the house are haphazardly managed without following the proper channel,  those that are employed in each of the departments couldn’t be allow to perform their function effectively because of the PLHA lack coordination.


The departments are gradually dying owning to the fact that staff doesn’t have weekly meetings to brace up towards meeting the task and challenges of administrative duty.



When trying to inquire this was the question, compliment of the day Sir, I want you to react to some accusations of poor performance, maladministration lack of departmental meetings, how true is that allegations?


Ponven Wuyep the clerk in responding said, that is not true but whoever had these allegations against me should show up and you the journalist should interview both of us.


He said the information is baseless, unfounded and I want the person to write his name so that I can reply to him or her appropriately.

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