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Gidan Makama Museum Kano or what is also called the Kano Museum a building that served as temporary palace of Kano long ago. The Gidan Makam Museum dates back to the 15th century, when it was constructed. The Museum has significant collections of arts, crafts and items of historic interest related to the Kano area.

The Museum which is recognized as a National Monument by the Federal Government of Nigeria is divided into 11 galleries; each of the galleries has its own focus with the display of things that focus on tradtitional Materials, City walls, Maps of Kano.

Other historic displays include the Kano Statehood history, Kano as it was in the 19th Century, the civil war, the economy, music as well as Kano Music.

The Gidan Makam building was built in the 15th Century by Muhammad Rumfa who the then younger grandchild. It serves as his official residence.

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However, Rumfa who later became king and this made him to a new palace which is the current palace; however the residence became the official residence of the Makamas, meanwhile the palace served as office for the colonial officers in Kano after the British capture of Kano in 1903.

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One of the heavy Canon Guns used by the British During the Capture of Kano. #kanodurbar16
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The Ancient City is known for its blacksmithing, this gate which dates back to the 15th century was constructed by Kano blacksmiths. It is one of the Gate mounted in of the entrance to the Ancient Kano. #kanodurbar16
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The First handwritten Koran in the whole Country. #kanodurbar16
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This pots are the ancient pots used in the ancient Kano, it dates back to the 15th century, they are mounted at the different gates that leads to the ancient the ancient, they were always filled with water so that visitors to the ancient city who are thirsty take water from there to drink. #kanodurbar16
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The Big hole on this gate, one among many bullets hole, left by the British Army while trying to penetrate into the Ancient Kano. #kanodurbar16
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The Statues of Pharaoh . #kanodurbar16
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The Statues of Pharaoh . #kanodurbar16
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The Maitatsine in December 1980, when he was captured

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