PDP Is Not A Party Of Nigerians- Kowa Party Chairman By Tom Garba,Yola

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A recent Political alliance between  the People’s Democratic Movement,PDM, and seven political parties in Adamawa state is given PDM a big impetus and edge over other parties as the chairman of Kowa party,Alhaji Sa’ad  Adamu exposed how the PDM is having a well design structures in the state that will warrant them to form the next government in the state by aligning  with other parties like NCP,PPA and Kowa who are in full support of the candidacy Dr Modibbo Ahmed the gubernatorial flag bearer of PDM.
Sa’ad accused PDP of being a party of selfish Nigerians with intentions of running down the country’s economy and the cooperate existence of the country. He said this while answering questions  to our correspondent in the party’s office (Kowa) in Yola with some party officials.
“PDP is not a party for Nigerians, we don’t need a party of selfish Nigerians whose aim is to destroy the cooperate existence of the state and permanently be our task masters in this country with a circle of the same old blood rotating the system with their old mindset.”
The maintained that he has not seen any good virtues in Nuhu Ribadu who was forced on the PDP people in the state an act that led to a serious cracks, this caused  fractions in PDP and turned the party in a comatose state, which if care is not taken that is the end of the party in the state.
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He continue to berate the PDP of making noise around by parading unpopular  candidates who at one point or the other were given opportunity but didn’t utilise it to the benefit of the people of the state.
In the same vein the former gubernatorial candidates of National Conscious Party (NCP) Comrade Mohammed Adamu Malgwi lambasted the ruling party of shifting the supposed February 14 general elections, which to him is a crime against the growing democracy in the country.
Malgwi who has since pledged his loyalty to Mohammed Modibbo of PDM by agreeing to fuse together as one entity for the coming election, assured the people of the state that the elections will be to the benefit of PDM which has a good gubernatorial candidate that cannot be beaten by anyone else.
According to him, his reasons of his agreeing to merged up with PDM is to allow a better person like Dr Modibbo Ahmed to be the governor for Adamawa state, for as him politics is not a do or die affairs as such the interest of the general people should be respected, the entire Adamawa are yearning and crying for the likes of Modibbo to come and save the state from developmental decay.
“The politics in Adamawa is suppose not to be do or die affair ,I have delved inside the rivers, I tested all the waters, is only in the candidacy of Modibbo I have seen good water my reasons of supporting him as our next governor to be in the state. With our good candidates all over the state, tell me how will not form the next government. ” Malgwi said
Malgwi added that he has seen nothing in PDP with their so-called candidate who was controversially imposed to the people of the state. He accused Ribadu of having no respect for internal democracy who before now claims to be a man with right standing character, who called himself crusader of corruption but tilted because of ambitions that is not generally good to the people of the state. The chances of Ribadu to be the governor of Adamawa is very slim.

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