PDP Crisis: Stakeholders To Resolve With Aggrieved Members In Adamawa State By Tom Garba,Yola

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In an effort to bring peace back to the Adamawa chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that has been into internal party feud that resulted into party loyalist to defect to other rivalry political party especially those vying for difference positions in the party. A meeting of all the aspirants was held at the banquet hall of the state government where the reinstated chairman of the party, Chief Joel Madaki formerly was suspended on grounds of his rigid view against imposition of any kind, he told the party members that he has formerly been reinstated as the substantive chairman of the state party and his coming back cannot have any meaning if a conscious effort is not properly follow to resolve the internal crisis that turned PDP into a mockery in the state.
“This meeting is purely to reconcile with those offended, my coming back does not portends any good omen if due process of peace and reconciliation is not adhered to, you are the reason of my coming back, so we are here to talk issues out that can make win the election.” Joel said
Madaki took time to called a spade a spade on how few individual brought an unnecessary selfish interest to destroy the party that many people took time to build in the state, he said PDP is a party of good people no one cannot be comfortable in the party even the opposition knows that.
“I therefore I want to tell you that for me to properly perform my work as a chairman of an ailing party members, all the gubernatorial aspirants as a matter of urgency to sit down within a very short time to bring out a peaceful and a workable memorandum that will help guide and advice us on how to go about insuring a lasting peace in the party, it also the same thing to those aspiring for Senatorial seat, House of Representative and State house of assembly. He added”  
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The presidential chairman of the reconciliatory committee and the speaker, Adamawa state house of assembly Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri addressed the crowd on two key issues. To make sure peace is insured at the end of all the meetings and to beg all the aggrieved members to bury their hatchets and work towards having a winning party in the state.
In his response the Governor of Adamawa state Barr Bala James pleaded with all party to be close to God at this crucial moment in the history of Nigeria, to him is only God and His infinite mercies will help the country that has diverse forms of enemies.
“For the sake of peace in this state I am begging all of us to be prayerful and seeking God’s face in respective of your religion, without peace not is meaningful  that can be done in our state” Bala pleaded
The meeting was targeted at aspirants who were denied to go for primaries elections, which  was controversially conducted in Abuja given the ticket to only those believe to have political connection the Ribadu’s faction, all the governorship aspirants none of them was in attendance, this is not unconnected to some of them that had since defected to other parties of their choice with many serving and aspiring members of both State and Federal, while some aspirants considered the meeting to be too late and it might not hold many waters.

A state House of Assembly member Aloysius Baba Douke who left PDP for PDM said all that they can do at most is to give them back their money they use in buying tickets.

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