OPEN LETTER: Langtang South APC Youths Vanguard, Petitions APC Chairman, Hon. Letep Dabang, Over LGC Chairman, Expresses Disappointment (UNEDITED LETTER)

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It became pertinent to write you this Open Letter, expressing our dissatisfaction, disappointment and shock over the activities of the Chairman of Langtang South Local Government Council, who happens to be a member of our great party the All Progressives Congress (APC) and on issues happening in our party (APC) in the Local Government.


It is no longer news that, the purpose for which a political party formed is to garner support and followership from all manner of people in order to gain political control of a given area.


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It is also not news that, Democracy entails the ability of the majority, taking over political control through the exercise of their franchise.


This known basic tenet of gaining political power through democratic means and the application of the principle of numerical strength, seems to be differently applied in Langtang South Local Government, by the Council Chairman, based on recent developments observed in the Council.


Sometimes last year, a known political figure in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the Local Government Area, in person of Prince Vincent Venman Bulus, defected to the APC chapter in Langtang South, to the jubilation of all party faithful, knowing his capacity and ability politically speaking.


In keeping to his promise of making sure APC takes total control of Langtang South Local Government and the state at large, Prince V.V.B. initiated and started the process of facilitating decampees from each Electoral Wards of the Local Government to the party.


It may interest you to know that, the first exercise carried out with regards to the initiative in two Electoral Wards of Gamakai Ward and Sabon Gida Ward, saw huge numbers of decampees from different political parties joining the APC in thousands to our jubilation as APC family.


But this development, to our surprise, didn’t go down well with the Council Chairman, who sees Prince V.V.B. as a threat, rather than a friend and a party member.


The Council Chairman to our observation and understanding from his expressed lack of appreciation is demonstrating a compulsive ambition, too paranoid to the extent that, he has held several meetings trying to prevail on some party EXCO Members, at the Wards and Local Government level to have Prince V.V.B. suspended from the party for doing nothing wrong.


It has also come to our attention that, the Chairman has also stooped so low, in reporting Prince V.V.B. to the Police on unfounded allegations that are laughable.


It may also interest you to know too sir that, just recently, we heard rumour that, Prince V.V.B has been suspended by the Local Government EXCO of our party on unfounded and baseless allegations that holds no water.


We, as Langtang South APC Youths’ Vanguard are resolute that, we cannot fold our arms and watch this bare display of hatred and self centeredness by the Council Chairman.


Instead of embracing everybody for the growth of the party, he is busy employing mechanism that will further divide the party.  We find it very hard to understand the uneasiness in him since Prince V.V.B. announced his membership into APC.

In any case, he is an elected Chairman of the Council and he enjoys his tenure as the Chairman of the Council, at the mercy of Governor Simon Bako Lalong and not Prince V.V.B.


We therefore find it necessary, to bring these developments to your notice and all the Stakeholders concerned and that, as a matter of urgent importance, the Council Chairman needs to be call to order and urged to concentrate on the enormous task of running the Council and not to continue dissipating energy in fighting a cause that will rather crack the party than unite it!


We are resolute that, Prince V.V.B, Is a force and his decision to join the All Progressives Congress (APC) will further strengthen the party.


Accept the assurance of our loyalty and highest esteem, as we await your quick intervention.


Yours faithfully,


Langtang South APC Youths Vanguard

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