Nigerians As Puppets In The Hands Of Our Political Puppeteer By Samuel Imokhai

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As the common Nigerian continues to get prattled and tattled by the un-delivered political and leadership purism by its elected personages, it is not in doubt ,that their “e go better” self encouraging song is gradually losing its sedate in their minds.

It is known that public opinion (especially in democratic settings) is one vital tool or measure by which the people of a state make their wishes and  yearnings known to their government, thereby leaving the government to correct its splotching leadership that has become odious to the citizens. Even as I struggle to believe that those holding our collective patrimony in this part of the world are too busy to listen to political radio programmes (especially the ones that involve Nigerians calling to air their pain),I really disavow to concede to the fact that they do not read newspapers to know what its citizens are going through, because I can still remember recently my stoppage on traffic in the morning along Kubwa in Abuja,when I beheld a distinguish senator on the lane next to me, buying three different dailies from a roadside hawker. But if truly our leaders at all levels of government are abreast of the people’s anguish, why are crimes daily irrigated by corruption? Why are there (our leaders) slobbering ab initio electoral promises gaining potency by the day?
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Today, some of our legislatures cannot remember when last they visited their constituents, as they are even more familiar with those who work in their epicurean, opulent and sybaritic mansions abroad than the band of security or “mai guards” back in their state home who have become doodles and laggards, owing to the uncommon visits of their “Oga”. While some representatives at the nation’s assembly are always seen sleeping or catnaping when serious national deliberations are on, their “ad hoc juniors” at the national confab are either seen taking a nap or playing games on lap top because they feel that contributing to any national issue would amount to no change, other than jibes and gambols of unproductive show. Killings of innocent Nigerians are daily in immeasurable proportion without their perpetrators brought to book, owing to factors such as, lack of sufficient and sophisticated security paraphernalia, inadequate security personnel etc. But certainly, if closed circuit televisions (CCTV) that were installed in some parts of Abuja could be prudently peculated without the perpetrators rounded up and arrested, how then could these same cameras  be able to capture the abrupt mortal activities of nefarious insurgents? Even when more security operatives are recruited, they are bound to later be found in the houses of private individuals, doing both official and domestic works to assist “oga and His wife”.
Our polytechnic students have been in cul-de-sac at home because of prolong and seemingly unending strike that has made a majority become entrepreneurs of evil social vices, while other can no longer remember their matriculation numbers. The government is busy dissipating money on the services of musicians and D.J on pusillanimous “azontoring and brake-dancing” when parts of the county are in rumpus, and the people in servitude. What is in play is no more than an organise conspiracy by some avaricious few at the expense of a preponderant number, who are wallowing in wanton primitive savagery.
This country can better be found in the Island of change, when our current and future leaders begin to eschew themselves from the contrivance of oppugn to transparency, canal personal interest suppressed and the people’s welfare recognized through work as the core mandate of governance with the application of  drastic leadership opium. Without these, the county’s giant qualities and resources that it’s known for, would not cease being milked, and its citizens perpetually  made puppets in the hands of their political puppeteer.

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