Nigeria Army Says 3 Soldiers Were Killed, 2 Other Officers Got Injured Daura Attack

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  • Says The Clash Still Continues In Daura

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The Nigerian Army today confirmed that it lost three of its men, while two others got injured in the Daura attack last night when gunmen attacked the home town of ex-military Head of State. According the General Officer Commanding (GOC) 1 Division of the Nigerian Army, Major-General Garba Wahab in a press conference in Kaduna while briefing newsmen, said that as at the time of the Press Conference the war with gunmen is still on, as he urged the residents of Daura to help in pushing out the gunmen who may be hiding in their midst.

Giving account of how the attack was carried out and the number of casualties, Gen. Wahab said: “I called this press conference to fill the gap on the attack that occurred and is still taking place in Daura, Katsina state. We had an incident from 10pm on Thursday evening when criminals attacked three police stations and four banks in Daura town. At the end of the operation even though it is still on, I have lost three of my men, two including an officer are wounded. I am not bothered about the casualties of the criminals but we have been able to recover four AK47 rifles from them.
“Another group of the criminals had a road traffic accident, which three of them died, they engaged the police and the civil defence in that town and one of the vehicles they were travelling with was seen with a huge amount of money which I have instructed my boys to give to the police to count and safe keep to be given back to the bank because that’s not my job, but the guns recovered in that vehicle by troops is in the custody of the division. We cannot fold our arms and watch criminals bomb and burn police stations, rob banks with impunity irrespective of the disguise within which these people are operating in Nigeria and the President has given us the directive to be deployed, we are duty bound and we will ensure that there is peace and security in the country.
“We don’t want a situation where people will be speculating, yes the criminals came, they bombed vehicles, they packed money using Improvised Explosives Devices (IEDs) to bomb everywhere. There are so many of them dispersed in Daura town right now and what we want to do is to appeal to the people of Daura that anybody with gunshot wounds should be reported because if they don’t, these are the same people who will turn back and attack the same town because that has been the practice,” he reiterated.
“Nobody will give an instruction for an innocent life to be lost, so in whatever we do, we keep to the rules of engagement given to us and that is why I have called the media to lend us their support because when a few reports go out, it’s like it is encouraging the criminals and they start to think they have the upper hand.
“What I want to achieve is an instance where people living in the North-West feel secure, we don’t want a situation where we will be viewed like we don’t have respect for traditional rulers that is why we are appealing to the people around the general area even those in the Emir’s palace, because the possibility of these people entering the palace of the Emir is very high.
“We have tree places cordoned off and cordon and search is going on in this place which is aimed at picking up some of those that fled into other people’s houses. What happed in Daura is the same thing that happened in Bama, engage the military on one hand and go and bomb prison and look for a bank, they knew the game plan and that’s why some went in and attacked the banks and police station while some stayed back at the exits.”

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