Nicholas Ukachukwu’s Lies And How He Has Been Sabotaging PDP In Anambra State

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Those who dance to the music of surugede must be told that surugede is a dance of the spirits. I don’t indulge in name callings to score cheap political points, I address and discuss issues and not individuals, therefore I must go straight to the point
Nicholas Ukachukwu’s press interview published by Thisday Newspaper and dated 13th Oct, 2013 was decorated with cans of lies, crocodile cries and shadow hunting with a deliberate undertone to deceive Nigerians and the good people of Anambra State. If such audacity of lies and deceits are left un-checked and if we continue to teach our children about tolerance and intolerance in Anambra State instead of good and evil, truth and lies, we may end up with TOLERANCE OF LIES
People have a right to know the truth and the right to correct information to enable them defend themselves against lies and falsehood.Mr Ukachukwu started his chronicle of lies in Paragraph one by saying he has never lost any election in Anambra State. This is indeed a white lie. It is a truth in the reverse; it is the other way round.Mr Ukachukwu has never won any election in Anambra State. We all live in Anambra State and we all know that the Ukachukwu’s are synonymous with failure. He lost a  Senatorial election in 2003,lost again in 2007.Then in 2009/2010,he ran for Governorship primary of PDP and lost to Prof Soludo then ran away to contest the same Governorship under Hope Democratic Party and lost again. In 2011, he made another attempt at the Senate and lost to Andy Uba.Then recently on the 24th of August 2013, he contested another Guber primary and lost to Comrade Tony Nwoye.In Conclusion, he lost in 2003,2007,2010,2011 and in 2013.So why these lies Mr Ukachukwu, the records are there.

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Mr. Ukachukwu went on in the second paragraph to accuse the NWC of PDP for organizing a primary election that was not transparent. My question to Mr. Ukachukwu is this, Why didn’t you walk out of the Primary? This is another great lie. The NWC organized a free and transparent Congress but Mr Ukachukwu himself started rigging by changing the names of delegates that won the delegates Primary. I won my delegate primary election at Dunukofia LGA but Ukachukwu and his team attempted to change the result en-route to Abuja. Mr. Ukachukwu accused some aspirants of hiring thugs during the Congress but it was thugs from Ukachukwu’s home town Osumenyi that were implicated in the stampede of party stalwarts at the Marble Arch Hotel at the second round of the delegates’ election. It was these same thugs that came to the Women center, Awka to chase delegates away. Some of the delegate tags got lost and were stolen by Ukachukwu’s boys from Osumenyi. I was there as a delegate and we saw him Ukachukwu when he sneaked into the Women Center  until he was controlled by some members of the Nigerian Police that were on ground to enforce security
In trying to draw sympathy for himself for going to court to rig-in himself as the PDP Candidate, Mr Ukachukwu claimed that there are irregularities in Comrade Tony Nwoye’s Tax and argued that he did not pay tax as at when due, what a shame. If Ukachukwu has any case against Comrade Tony Nwoye, why didn’t he petition PDP or go to court before the Primary? For a Man that went ahead and contested an election and lost as he has been losing all these years to suddenly realize that Comrade Tony Nwoye who defeated him at the Party primary has irregularities with his tax and then went to court to declare himself a winner is an act of Cowardice.Ukachukwu’s Lawyers absconded from the appeal court last week Tuesday and when the court wanted to give their judgment last week Friday, this same UKACHUKWU ran to Supreme Court crying that the Appeal Court Judges were bias and got a motion to stop the judgment of the Appeal Court, what an shameful somersault .Mr Ukachukwu, we are not children. If Comrade Tony Nwoye allowed the court to give their judgment that gave you a favorable outcome last month without running to the Supreme Court to stop it, Mr Ukachukwu why then do you have to run to the Supreme Court to stop PDP’s Appeal against you? This is the crescendo of Cowardice and desperation we have seen in Anambra State. This is what our founding fathers were afraid of and exactly what our constitution was designed to prevent
On the issue of helping Mr Peter Obi win election in the state against our Party PDP is the only truth in Nicholas Ukachukwu’s interview. Thank God the leader of our Party Dr Goodluck Jonathan, the National Chairman Bamanga Tukur and the NWC read his shameful confession. We all knew that Mr Ukachukwu had been sabotaging PDP in Anambra State and helping Mr Peter Ob to win in the state against PDP candidates. This explains and made perfect sense why APGA won some of the seats in the State House of Assembly because an Ukachukwu sponsored some of them against PDP candidates. Now, he is asking Mr Obi who outsmarted him to throw up Willi Obiano to support him. How can PDP nominate a Saboteur like Ukachukwu as their candidate in Anambra State? This of course is impossible as our Party has now realized it is Ukachukwu that had been dinning with APGA against the PDP in Anambra State. Thank you Jehovah, More truth will come out soon.
Comrade Tony Nwoye is a thousand leagues ahead of Nicholas Ukachukwu. Even with limited funds to fight against big names like Ukachukwu and the Ubas, he defeated them all, sending a strong message to the country that THE AGE OF MONEY POLITICS IS LONG GONE IN ANAMBRA STATE.Insead of burying his head in shame, Mr Ukachukwu goes across the pages of Newspapers joining issues with Tony Nwoye who of course ignored him distraction antics
Every Child on the street of Anambra State knows that Comrade Tony Nwoye will win the next Guber election in the state. Anambra loves Comrade Tony Nwoye because he is one of them, identifies with them, understands their needs and shares their ideals
Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t encourage character assassination, I discuss issues and policies and not individuals but because Anambra state must know the truth, we need to call a spade exactly what it is, A SPADE. The People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Comrade Tony Nwoye and Mr Nicholas Ukachukwu are in court and by the grace of God, light must overcome darkness and truth must prevail
Pharm Ikeagwuonwu Chinedu Klinsmann (B.Pharm, MPH, MFIP, MPSN, JP)


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