NGO Donates N 5 Million Worth Of Books And Other Learning Materials To Primary School By Yakubu Busari , Jos

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The President of the Educational Development Foundation for Excellence (EDFE), Mrs Esther Bali has donated N5 million  worth of books and other learning materials  to public schools with a  called on educational organizations, institutions, NGOs and stakeholders across the country to expand their strategies and capacities in promoting quality education.
Bali made this called at the launching of EDFE School Library Project and donation of books and other learning materials worth over N5 million  to Pilot Science Primary School, Zamko in Langtang.
She stated that financial institutions should give greater financial and material support to primary schools, which is the bedrock for quality education towards increasing literacy and  attainment of the goal of education for all in Nigeria.
Bali who represented the Chairman of EDFE, Dr. Bata Musa MFR, the said that for any meaningful development to take place, Basic Education must be crucial to enhance nation building and literacy for all.
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She  appealed to government at all levels to reinforce their political will to mobilize adequate resources and develop  inclusive policy-making environment towards educational development as well as to device innovative strategies for reaching the poorest and most vulnerable groups who are seeking for alternatives to formal and non-formal approaches to learning.
Also speaking, Director of programme and Operation of the Education Development Foundation for Excellence Dr. Nanna C. Emmanuel noted that creating a literate environment is essential for achieving the goal of eradicating poverty, reducing maternal mortality, controlling population growth, achieving gender equality and ensuring sustainable development as well as in peace, security and sustainable democratic processes in Nigeria.
Dr. Nanna further observed that literacy for all is the foundation for lifelong learning and a tool for empowering individuals and communities in the rapidly changing world of knowledge, innovations and technology to develop the ability to locate,  evaluate and effectively use information in diverse capacities.
The Education Secretary of Langtang North LGC, Mr. Geofrey Butrim. Commended the  Foundation for  excellent humanitarian gestures and noted that the Library project will not only benefit the Pilot Science Primary School but will go a long way in assisting the whole community including the secondary school in enhancing the reading and performance in education.
The Education secretary also urged the school management to guide jealously and protect the library against vandals.
In the similar vein, the PTA Chairman of Pilot Science Primary School Mr. Dorven Geofrey and a representative of the community Mr. Benjamin Binzhi,  the Head Master of the school Mr. Rikat Domvan Yilchang  appreciated the management and staff of the EDFE for choosing Zamko for such a laudable gesture and prayed that the Almighty God will protect and richly bless  the founder and initiator of the organization for uplifting the standard of education of the indigents in the society and especially in such a rural community like Zamko.

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