Nasarawa Government To Sanctioned Erring Principals Collecting School Fees Despite The Free Education Policy By Rabiu Omaku

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The state commissioner for education, Honorable Sani Yakubu  in an exclusive interview  read riot act to erring principals in the habit of collecting money in the name of school fee to desist or faced sanctioned, attesting that education is free.
He averred that the free education policy has come to stay, He buttress that the state Government is ready to sanctioned erring principals found wanting by collecting money in the name of school  fee will be prosecuted.
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“Before the implementation we know the cost of free education, we conducted school census”
The state Government also acknowledged free feeding for our boarding school student which commences with instant effect, The free education was also extended to known indigenes schooling in the state.
On the issue of free Waec and Neco registration, Bar.Sani Yakubu said Waec registration is free if a student is sitting for the first time, “But if a student had sat before he will not be allow to write free examination.
“The state Government will not hesitate to prosecute any principal caught in the habit o collecting money from students”.
There is no need for the circulation of circular all the principals of secondary schools, Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura has proclaimed free education and all  stakeholders are aware of this  because we held a meeting extensively before the implementation.
I repeat, no head of school ,principals to be precisely are NOT allow to collect any penny from any student if not waec fee which was on condition ,The commissioner further said the state Government has shoulder free Neco since in the last two years.
The pronouncement continued to generates mixed reactions from parents, Guardians and the general public alike, When our  reporter spoke with some parents and Guardians respectively expressed mixed feelings over the free Primary and Secondary education policy which other parents described as pain on the nake.
Ibrahim Usman in an interview expressed displeasure over the announcement saying the free Primary and Secondary education will go along way in reducing the untold hardship faced by parents if really implemented.
Expressing doubt that the policy is a mere political rig mole to get political popularity if not implemented by the state Government, He stated.
Usman buttressed that the policy was at the right footing, Adding that free education would reduced the financial burden on them especially those with multiple wards if implemented, saying the implementation is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back
Also in his reaction.Jibrin Jaafar described the free Primary and Secondary education as a gimmick meant to gain political relevance.
He listed some of the huddles of APC regime under Al-Makura to the non-promotion of staff in spite of the new minimum wage he implemented.
Abimiku John described the free Primary and Secondary education as a political statement,”He raised alarm over the monthly wage of workers, instead of tackling that he went ahead to announce free education which i know would not be implemented.
The introduction of free Primary and Secondary education is a total flaw and i know is going to died a natural death, It will died the way free Medicare for the aged, physically impaired, expectant mothers, children below five years died.
The free Primary and Secondary education will perish the way the proposed three arm zone was kept under the carpet, The free Primary education would died the way mono-rail project from Lafia to the Federal Capital Territory ended.
The free Primary and Secondary education will not see the light of the day like the failed reintroduction of Drug Revolving Fund ,The free Primary and Secondary education will died the way free NECO/WAEC was handle by the state Government.
Our reporter who went round some Primary and Secondary schools barely three weeks after resumption of pupils and students can authoritatively confirmed that some principals interviewed on the free Primary and Secondary education in the state confided that no circular was made available to them.
The principals said the payment of school fees is compulsory by every student except if circular to that upshot are made available by the state ministry of education.

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