Laraban Maku’s Nasarawa Governorship Ambition: Mission Impossible By Rabiu Omaku,Lafia

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The desperation of the erstwhile Minister of Information, Labaran Maku to herald the mantle of leadership of the home of solid mineral is a mission impossible, the over ambitious Maku who was a beneficiary of the People’s Democratic Party has dumped the PDP, the party that made him something today to a party that was battling to paid office rent.
Labaran Maku, a graduate of history came to limelight through Solomon Ewuga, according to an interview granted by Solomon Ewuga in Government Newspaper, a tabloid published by Leadership group of company, The aggrieved Maku aftermath of the December governorship primaries was running from goal post to centre to emerged as a flag bearer of any platform not minding his acceptance by the people.
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Maku committed colossal amount of money as well make deep consultation with an intention to jump ship to Labour Party, But the ambition was a death one following the reaction of the winner of the primaries, Innocent Lagi, The decision of Lagi not to relinquish the guber ticket to Labaran Maku compelled him to strategized  and decamp to the All Progressives Grand Alliance in search of a greener pasture.
Maku’s journey to APGA is like a farmer killing the goose that lay the golden eggs, Labaran Maku has sin against the party that pick him from the street of Lagos reporting for Daily Champion Newspaper by his political godfather, Barrister,senator Solomon Ewuga who single handedly presented him before the first elected governor of the state, Abdullahi Adamu.
His face to face with the first elected governor  marks the beginning of his political carrier, The versatile and vibrant  Maku was appointed commissioner of Information, from the Information ministry he was elevated to Deputy governor under governor Abdullahi Adamu, His ambition of becoming the governor of the state was a shattered dream following the endorsement of Aliyu Akwe Doma  by Abdullahi Adamu at Keffi the venue of the party primaries a primaries that may favored Solomon Ewuga or Dr. Emmanuel Okudu Okpede, Maku and other governorship aspirants are not mentioned at the party primaries.
If not the intervention of traditional rulers , A fresh brain, Musa Hussaini  was at the forefront before the custodians of the people compelled  the chief executive to support the person of Aliyu Akwe Doma, who was the candidate of traditional rulers in the state as of then.
Labaran Maku was nominated by the former governor Akwe Doma to present the state not Eggon as a minister of the federal republic of Nigeria, The immediate past minister is due for either civil service position or political appointment from Ambassador upward, But his desperation to governed the 1.2m registered voters hit bricks wall.
The failure of Maku to clinch the PDP ticket was never a calculated attempt by the party but a clear decision of the delegates not to waste their vote during the governorship election on 28/2/2015 as all ethnic group attacked by the Eggons would not vote Eggon aspirant from governor, senator, House of representative, House of Assembly ,Local Government and Councillorship slut
Not even Labaran Maku no Eggon son can clinch the governorship seat from Barrister Solomon Ewuga who dumped the APC to the PDP, Other governorship contestants that cannot make any leeway are Chris Mamman running under the PDP, Also the likes of Reuben Audu of the APC and Mathew Ombugaku cannot hold water, Reasons of their failure was because they believe in ethnic, clannish and religious politics.
The melodrama to be the governor of the state under the LP was swap to the APGA due to the unhealthy atmosphere created by ,His, chances of clinching the governorship seat remain blink with the unfolding scenario, The PDP governorship primaries has gone but the permutation surrounding the outcome of the free and fair primary election was turn down by the desperate Maku who accused the party at the state executive level for manoeuvring the result of the primaries that return Yusuf Muhammed Agabi as the party flag bearer.
The ambitious minister drag the party that made him who he was to the mud, He accused the state executive of the party   in the state for hiding and housing party delegates during the primaries held at Nasarawa Local Government, He also described the state as a graveyard of good leaders.
“We are not lucky in the state going by the profile of leaders produce in the state, Some of the governors were pick by the road side to governed the people while other are people with questionable character and bad records, Even people that never contested for councillorship seat were made  governors”.
Maku lament that Eggon people were attacked at will by people identified as Fulani mercenaries—whether we like it or not we must commend governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura for organising peace summit for consecutive times but majority of our stakeholders turn down the peace summit,both from the Alago and Eggon side, the tribe mostly at the centre of the crisis did not attend the peace summit, How can we have an everlasting peace when political takes the centre-stage ?
Labaran Maku promise the people of the state an everlasting peace today but has never attended or send an emissary or representative  to peace talk, That statement was a mouth pouring statement, It could be recalled that after Labaran Maku was appointed minister overseeing the defence ministry there was a coordinated attack in Assakio, The Eggons use chain saw to cut down trees and Houses but nobody complain, The crisis in Assakio was attributed to Land rent imposed on Eggon farmers, But this was not a new thing ?.
We must respect human being, toddlers were killed in Igaah,People in their multitude butchered to death in Ana (Burum-Burum) including the monarch, Migili were killed in Jenkwe ,selected houses burned down by Ombotse.
The unfolding happenings in Doma and other environs by Fulani mercenaries was all behind the outbreak of ethnic cleansing of Ombotse, This gives the Fulani warriors the leverage to attack at will, Alago in my community that use to harvest cassava at farm now paid for the transportation of fresh cassava to town while those that planted yam have to bargain with the Fulani’s before allowing them harvest their farm produce, What a pathetic moment?.
I can be a victim today, your brother can also be a victim tomorrow, Why do the Eggons allow few politicians to use them, Who are those suffering most, who are those shouting on precious radio program” SAID IT WELL ,The Eggon’s, We should tolerate one another and keep our malice aside, God would decide who rule the 1.8m people of the state, If God will he would select a man from the minority tribe, THE AKI to rule the state.
Another issues raised by Maku was that Keffi zone (Nasarawa West ) a government he was part of rule for eight years and handed over to Akwe Doma rule for four years and his second tenure was truncated by the APC ,He further said Nasarawa South are completing their 8 years ,Which 8 years, APC is a new party without any agreement of one term of office.
Laraban Maku should know remember that he has been enjoying the goodwill of the people is representing since 2000 to 2014
Again after Abdullahi Adamu complete his 8 years not only politicians from Nasarawa south that were allow to contest if that was the case,was Maku from Nasarawa south,why did he contest in 2007  with Ewuga and others,Why was Maku trying to re-write the political history of the state,we are keen watchers and players ,we keep records and it should be straight and concise.
Labaran Maku would not go anywhere as 2015 race is concerned,The political ground is ready for Al-Makura,Yusuf Agabi and Innocent Lagi and  Mathew Ombugaku.
 The desperate information manager, Maku should think beyond 2019 because if Yusuf Agabi get a landslide victory his mandate would expire by 2022,But if Al-Makura would clinch the mandate in February power will shift to Nasarawa North ,Akwanga Local Government to be precise.
The Eggons would be at the vantage position if Al-Makura was return as governor to complete another four years term of office, The support of Eggon to Al-Makura may be at their own advantage but if by chance Innocent Lagi emerges as governor from Nasarawa North the dream of producing an Eggon governor would be history,Maku should remember that Nasarawa belong to all of us
The people of Nasarawa North senatorial district should remember that in 2011 the Eggons produce Labaran Maku to represent Nasarawa state as minister, Ewuga represent the people of Nasarawa North comprises of Rindre, Eggon, Mada,Bom ,Hausa, Fulani and amongst other tribes as senator David Embugadu Eggon ,House of representative representing Wamba,Akwanga,Nasarawa Eggon.

Again Ewuga was elected as senator and his junior brother David Embugadu from the same Local Government  but nobody complain about the happenings  while Nasarawa North .

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