Labaran Maku Gives PDP One Week Ultimatum To Make Amend Or………By Rabiu Omaku, Lafia

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The Immediate past Minister of Information, Labaran Maku has described Nasarawa State as graveyard of good leaders 18 years after state creation, the embattled governorship aspirant stated this during his Christmas message to the people of Wakma community of Nasarawa Eggon Local Government of the State.
Maku while addressing the people expressed displeasure over the conduct of the party primaries held at Nasarawa Local Government, he expressed his heartfelt over the hijacking of the party delegates by leaders of the party.
Maku said the PDP needs an x-ray to block all leakages created by the past leadership, he buttressed that the fraud committed in the recent PDP governorship primaries is worse than the one that happened in 2007 governorship primaries.
Speaking further Maku who is strategizing for guber seat but not under the PDP said he will make his position known if no stringent measures are taken by the leadership of the PDP, saying 2015 is imminent.
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He affirmed that the people of Nasarawa North were denied their share of the cake prolonging power in Nasarawa South and Nasarawa West, while the  dream of the North to rule the state remains counterproductive.
Speaking on the state of the Nation, Labaran Maku said president Goodluck Jonathan remains the competent leader with fresh thinking and with the wherewithal to effect change in the nation.
“Nasarawa is a state under emergency, he also added that the state is under Intensive Care Unit.”
“The West ruled for eight years and handed over to the South which rules for eight years but want to continue beyond 2019, power will in Lafia he agitated for change as the solution to marginalisation.”

He blamed the political corridor of accommodating the old age in the governance of the country stating that leaders were recycled years after Labaran Maku averred that the political scene will not accommodate people above 70 years of service.

commenting on the unabated ethnic and communal skirmishes that rocked the State under Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura, Labaran Maku opined that the State was a turned to a theater of war. 

“The State is collapsing with the daily killings of people, nobody can travel freely from Nasarawa West to South and North due to the ensuing crisis that bedeviled the state under the All Progressive Congress, administration.”

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