Kano Is A Nice Place To Be By Muhammad Sulaiman Abdullahi

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I reached Kano on the 30th of June 2013, after a very brief outing, to a far foreign land, for studies. When I left, a lot of people, mostly my friends relatives and well wishers, kept on telling me something. Something I took to be rude, it was like an insult to me. They told me never to come back. Though, I listened and heard all what they were saying, simply because I have no other option, but I heard it like an insult. It is as if they abused me. How on earth can you be telling someone not to come back to his hometown? As if somebody has committed murder, or is going on an exile. They said home sweet home! In Hausa we have a saying, “whoever left home, home left him.” It is highly practical to realize this when you leave home, a home that is especially in Kano.

Kano my state! They might have their own reason for saying what they said. As of the time we left, early February, Kano was very tense. During that time, the state has been afflicted by an external aggression and invasion. The people of Kano where horrified, aghast and completely “reluctant”, thinking that in no way, what happens elsewhere could happen in their domain. Until that 20th of January, after we all rallied round chanting our slogan of anti removal of subsidy. We enjoyed that protest, we enjoyed the demonstration, because for once it has shown a unity in diversity. It has shown no disharmony between the religions, and especially in Kano and Nigeria at large. Everyone become his brother’s keeper, Muslims and Christians!
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After the incident, most of the able and strong Kanawas, found themselves in a state of indecision. They were mostly surprised and confused. How on earth could that happened. Who are who, were the master mind of that cruel act. Detonating bombs everywhere, killings! Kanawas are eternally against this heinous idea. I know we have some anti-social elements within us, but those that are within and part of us, have not gone to the extent of detonating bombs. I am not exonerating them, but I can deduce their capacity. Accusing each other and pointing fingers to one another, is a baseless act, to me.
A critical point that needs to be expressed, buttressed and strengthened, which is highly attached to this phenomenon is the economic and social well being of the state and its diverse inhabitants.
Economically, the city state of Kano is the one of the most vibrant state in the sub Saharan African region. To say much about the economy, the business activities of the state, the merchants, the markets, the able bodied local and super business men, will be like a waste of space. It may suffice every sane and sensible individual to say that the richest black person on earth is from Kano, on this note, this is a final discussion.
Equally related to this, is the issue of looting. It is not a diversion, but rather the points tally, just follow the lines. Most of the selected democratic or aristocratic rulers of Nigeria are masters of looting. Looting has become the order of the day, the beauty of their life and the knowledge of their brain. They master nothing, perfectly and practically, more than their looting. That was why one of them, and among them, described them as medically unfit, they have psychiatric problem. I can swear by the almighty Allah that she was correct, describing them as mad.
One of the writer’s worries is, how Kano will become after this artificially orchestrated problem? The answer is straight forward. The tense atmosphere will give the governor and rulers of the place an adequate and a desired chance, to continue looting the state dry, all in the name of security, as it happens in the case of their Oga at the top. The ruler has every right, not to do anything, and concentrate on the so-called fake security. The nature of how they secure the nation is by adding more salt to the injury of the masses. They would be covertly instigating and perpetrating much evil, for them to maintain their evil status quo. To our surprise, the governor turns to be a messiah, a saint, a good man, and his activities unprecedented, unequalled and unrivalled.
I was thrilled when I saw the governor turns to be a bulldozer of demolishing all evils, and a messiah, who tries to champion the cause of the state. The state has been under serious infrastructural development. Many things that we are witnessing today in Kano in terms of development were never expected in the near 20 years to come. We realized now that, government is powerful, government is rich, and government can do everything. Power is an attribute which Allah splits and gives a little to his servants. But that little is so enormous, that it can determine the fate, and the life of thousands.
The governor of Kano state, Engr. Dr. Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, didn’t squander and maltreat the opportunity. He did not hide in disguise. He acts wisely, fortifying and developing the state in all its ramifications. I am not a supporter of any political party, not even the worst one, which I assume the governor belongs to. To me, PDP is a CANCER, and a DANGER. Not because of its name, but because of its content. The rotten content that it possesses, although you can find similar traits in all the parties, but the majority is what dominates PDP. It failed to provide any meaningful scheme to the people; instead it brings killings, and additional suffering, from frying fan to fire. No one can doubt that 1999 backward is more prosperous, than it’s upward. But PDP in Kano is a blessing in disguise, under Kwankwasiyya, we see what we never expect.
This piece is not to mention the activities of the government, because such has been mention at different occasions. I came across one piece that highlighted 1001 works of the governor, I did not read it all, but I agreed it may be a genuine truth. The transformational activities of the governor are too much, too strong and too ample to be mentioned at one swift. More importantly, all the works of the governor are real and time testing! Not fake and unwanted contracts, which only exist and begin on papers, but disappear on thin air, and in the pocket of the greedy contractors.
Things have drastically changed in Kano. The transformation is wonderful.  I congratulate the entire people of Kano. I salute the governor of Kano State, and welcome the development that be in Kano, and accept the Kwankwasiyya ideology wholeheartedly. I have some words to tell the next governor to come. It is “I pity him”, because he has a lot to do, a lot of home works and assignments to fulfill; I will talk to the next governor in the next write up. Kano is now peaceful, God willing the peace will prevail, and the perpetrators will perish in shame and shambles. Thus, I now realized that, Kano is a nice place to be!
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