Igbo Community In Adamawa Drums Support For Nuhu Ribadu By Tom Garba, Yola

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As the February 2015 general election is getting more closer, groups,  associations and even tribal communities are beginning to pledged their support to various political parties of their choice, as the Igbo community in Adamawa State yesterday also endorsed the candidacy of Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and promised to support him to win in the February polls . They hinged the decision on the personality and attributes of Ribadu which, they said, stand him out among his fellow candidates.
Speaking at a reception organised for Ribadu by the various leaders of Igbo communities in the State, the leader of the Igbo community, Eze S. O. Ebis said their endorsement of Ribadu was informed by the people’s consensus on his qualities and his previous track-record as a prudent man, detribalized Nigerian and who only have the interest of common people.
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He said the Igbo people resident in Adamawa had undertaken a survey of all those who indicated interest for the gubernatorial seat before zeroing down on Ribadu, as the best man for the job.
Eze Ebis noted that Adamawa has remained stagnant since its creation in 1991 due to lack of pragmatic leadership at most times for the state to catch up, he said, it would need a visionary and honest in the mould of Ribadu.
Speaking on the title of “Ihe of Adamawa” conferred on the PDP governorship candidate, the Igbo leader gave the meaning of the title as “the light of Adamawa” saying Ribadu represents light after long darkness in the state.
Responding, Ribadu thanked the Igbo community in Adamawa State for the honour and the confidence they have in him, pledging not to let them down.
He stated that his gubernatorial aspiration was informed by the overriding interest of the state which, he said, is lagging behind in all indices of development among its peers in the country.

While extolling the commercial acumen of the Igbo people in the state and their contribution to the economic development of Adamawa State, Ribadu explained that one of the cardinal points of his manifesto is economic rebirth and wealth creation

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