How Bauchi’s New Attorney General H.D. Mohammed Was Withdrawn From Yuguda’s Commission of Inquiry For Alleged Corruption

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When former Governor Isa Yuguda instituted a Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the management of some Ministries, Parastatals and Extra-Ministerial Departments of the Public Service of Bauchi State from May 1999 to May 2007 of the activities of former Governor Adamu Muazu, one name that resonated within the Government’s White Paper of 2009 is Mohammed Deke Haruna, who is now the current Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, Bauchi State under Governor Abubakar’s regime.

For Mohammed Deke, the new man at the helm of affairs of the Bauchi State Ministry of Justice as well as its judiciary, gathered that he was made counsel to the Commission, but was abruptly removed, reason being that he was accused of allegedly collecting bribes from some persons and companies whose names were among those that were supposed to be investigated by the inquiry panel.

However, this medium gathered that in a way that depicts wrong acts, Mohammed Deke Haruna was allegedly removed for the wrong reasons by the Commission, not long after he was made the Counsel to the Commission.

According to documents seen Hon. Justice Bitrus G. Sanga served as the Chairman of the Commission while the following served as members:

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1. C. P. Abdullahi Ibrahim (RTD)— Member

2. Col. Sunday Ajibo (RTD)———- Member

3. Barrister Umar S. Wunti——— Member

4. Barrister Abdullahi Yahaya——-Member

5. Alhaji Ahmad Shehu—————Member

Surprisingly, while the White Paper report quoted that Barrister Aliyu Bin Idris served as the Secretary of the Commission, it also said H. D. Mohammed Esq. who is now the Attorney General of the State who was initially appointed as Counsel to the Commission, was removed afterwards.

Universal Reporters learnt that the removal of Mohammed Deke Haruna was due to the alleged receiving of bribes from some persons and companies who appeared among the list of names that were to be investigated by the Commission, an action the Commission frowned at.

Again, in the same document, under a heading Counsel to the Commission, it also said; “As stated above, H. D. Mohammed Esq, was initially appointed to serve as Counsel to the Commission to be assisted by three juniors from the Chambers of the Hon. Attorney General. On 28thJanuary, 2008, the said H.D. Mohammed Esq. was withdrawn from the Commission and replaced with D.M. Yakubu Esq.”

Soon after his removal from the Commission, he was posted to the State Ministry of Sports.

As it is some lawyers and judges in the state who spoke to this medium but pleaded for anonymity said the appointment of Haruna Deke Mohammed as the Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice of the state is indeed a big slap to the State Judiciary, especially with the corrupt tendencies of the man.

Speaking further, they also hinted that the Commissioner has been accused strongly of not being an indigene of Bauchi State.

“Like his long time boss Gov. Abubakar, the new Attorney General is also believed by people of the state to be an Ebira man.”, another source confided in this medium. The issue of his origin, this medium gathered, has being a subject of discussion among various strata of people in the state, allaying fears of a take over of the state’s affairs by “people that don’t have Bauchi State at heart because it is not originally their state.”

It was also on note that prior to his screening by the Bauchi State House of Assembly recently, the trio of Usman Idris, Alhaji Hassan Muhammed and Salisu Usman Manager petitioned the Bauchi Assembly asking them not to screen Mohammed Deke Haruna owing to the fact that he was not originally an indigene of Bauchi State and that he only resides in the Bauchi.

Findings by this medium shows that Governor Abubakar purportedly brought Haruna Deke Mohammed back to make him the Attorney General of the State, so as to take care of “issue” for him and to perpetrate judicial corruption. The said H. D. Mohammed has been Mohammed Abubakar’s “boy” for decades, using him for hatchet jobs especially within the circle of the judiciary.

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