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How Amnesty Boss, Dokubo Alleged Amorous Affair And Ties With Strange Woman Worries Osinbajo

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Senior officials in the Office of the Vice President, including the Chief of Staff, Mr. Ade Ipaye, are miffed that the Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Professor Charles Quaker Dokubo has continued to hobnob and generally cavort with a lady, Ms. Tahirah Ikharo, who parades herself, albeit falsely, as the Special Assistant to the Vice President on Niger Delta.


It was learnt that once the information made the rounds that the lady was being introduced across the country and abroad by Professor Dokubo as the Special Assistant to the Vice President on Niger Delta, the Chief of Staff in the Office of the Vice President, Ade Ipaye promptly sent the actual Senior Special Assistant to the Vice President, Mr. Edobor Iyamu to Professor Dokubo to underscore the fact that the lady in question is not an aide of the Vice President.


In fact, the lady was identified as a notorious name dropper that should not be found in sensitive government circle.


In spite of this clarification however, key Officials in the Office of the Vice President say that they are shocked that the Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme has continued the frolic with the lady and has continued to introduce her in private and public settings as an aide of the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbanjo.


“We have since found out that the lady, Tahirah Ikharo has since become Professor Dokubo’s girlfriend. We even hear that they now live together in Abuja. We do not begrudge him for picking her as his girlfriend but it is very wrong of Professor Dokubo, being a senior official of Government to be aiding and abetting crime by persisting in introducing a clearly dubious person as an aide of the Vice President.


It is wrong and the Chief of Staff plans to get the approval of the Vice President to query Professor Dokubo for this serious infraction,” a source in the office of the Vice President disclosed in a chat.


Indeed, Professor Charles Dokubo and Ms. Tahirah Ikharo have practically become an item in Abuja. The Amnesty boss seldom steps out of the house without his new girlfriend.


“They go everywhere together. They attend public and private functions together,” a senior Civil Servant who works in the Amnesty Office told our reporter. But therein lies another problem with the relationship.


“The Civil Servant confided that on assumption of office as the Coordinator of the Amnesty Programme, Professor Dokubo started well at the Amnesty Office in spite of the huge challenges he inherited but that since he met and started dating Ms. Tahirah Ikharo he has totally lost concentration.


“The Coordinator hardly stays in the office now. His life now revolves around this lady and this loss of focus on the part of Professor Dokubo is affecting everything in the Amnesty Office now. We hardly hold meetings. Even when any meeting is called, Prof is always in a hurry to conclude deliberations, then rushes off to be with Tahirah.


“The situation is strange and everyone is complaining now because the man is losing focus,” the Civil Servant added.


He even disclosed that when the news broke that the woman was a name dropper and possibly angling to dupe Professor Dokubo, the Amnesty boss was said to have done the unthinkable.


“Can you imagine that Professor Dokubo actually called a management meeting for the sole purpose of cautioning management team members at the Amnesty Office to desist from talking about Tahirah. Very shocking and totally nauseating. The old man is losing it please,” another source at the Amnesty Office offered.


“But how can we not talk about her when she clearly interferes in the day-to-day running of the Amnesty Office. This woman dictates every move Professor Dokubo makes these days. She even influences the award of contracts and the payment of contractors,” the source added.


Even more confounding is the fact that Professor Dokubo is said not to be bothered that his wife who lives in the United Kingdom may now be aware of his cavorting with Tahirah.


“Professor Dokubo does not even have shame, she parades the woman everywhere including at very official functions. To cover up, the Professor would usually introduce her as an aide of the Vice President.


But that lie is not sticking any more because people are now asking if they don’t have work to do in the Vice President’s Office for one of his aides to be permanently with the Coordinator of the Amnesty Programme. Everyone but Professor Dokubo knows that Tahirah is a fraud and a disaster waiting to happen,” the senior Civil Servant added.


Officials at the Amnesty Office and the Office of the Vice President are in agreement that Tahirah’s method and tactics clearly betray her real motives.


“If she was a genuine person or a good woman, she would never make her so-called relationship with Professor Dokubo so open and so public. She even holds his hands in public. It is deliberate. Typical of all rugged fraud stars, she has nothing to lose, no reputation to protect. Worse still, she deliberately wants the public to know about the relationship so as to up the ante in negotiating for cuts to facilitate contract award to persons she introduces to the Amnesty Coordinator,” an Official in the office of the Vice President observed.


Doubts also persist about Tahirah’s claim to be a Nigerian from Edo State as persons familiar with her history insist that she is a South African masquerading as a Nigerian.


“Tahirah is a walking fraud. From her accent to her physique, it is rather too obvious that she is South African. I think Professor Dokubo needs help urgently to free him from the spell of this South African woman,” a very worried Amnesty Office staff said.

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