Hon Zang Slams Buhari, Says Even With Buhari’s Pedigree, Yet Nigerians Are Eating From The Garbage

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Yakubu Busari

A  former Jos North Chairman, a former federal House of Reps member,  Hon Aminu Zang has slammed the Nigerian leader, President Muhammadu Buhari  that even with his high pedigree Nigerians are still eating from the garbage where his government has failed to provide food security to safeguard the nation.


Hon Aminu Zang stated this while granting audience to journalists at the Jos, Division of the State High court in Jos.


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He said, it is a pity to see fellow countrymen undergoing economic hardship when Buhari emerged the flagbearer of the All Progressive Congress,APC , citizens trekked in his honour but today many are crying.


According to him, the government promised to introduce a change mantra to address the problem of insecurity, herders /farmers’ conflict especially in the middle belt region but the whole thing appears to be worse than the era of Jonathan’s regime.


Hon Zang said, with what is happening to our country when one successfully come home to family, he or she should open the chapter of praises because hoodlums have hijacked everywhere by rendering our security apparatus useless.


He emphasized that the Buhari cabinet is full of corrupt politicians; the president is surrounded by sycophants and religious bigots promoting the selfish agenda of their paymaster.


Aminu Zang raised an alarm that the Nigerian government under the present leadership of the APC is drifting under a failed state, we expected him to take the welfare of citizens very seriously but things are different now as our rights is violated.


He explained further that, “I don’t subscribe to so much power to the center, we have diversities which can be used and galvanized.


The former House of  Rep said, because of his integrity people are beginning to get disappointed as what they expected is not what is happening now, as he said; ” but I still hold Mr. President in high esteem because I know the current happening is the handiwork of sycophants “.

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