Hon Kaze Accuses President Buhari Of Breeding Economic Hardship On Nigerians

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Yakubu Busari

A former House of Representative member representing Jos East and Jos South, Hon. Bitrus Kaze has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of breeding economic hardship on Nigerians and destroying, as well as witch-hunting PDP members for lack of blueprint to govern Nigeria.

He reiterated that bad policy of APC government if not check will ruin the country, where average Nigerian begs to survive.

The price of oil is very high everybody know businesses are closing down  still we  live below one dollar , no Improvement in the lives of an average  Nigerians in the last seven months so what are we talking about, he explained.

“I have the desire commitment to return the lost glory of the People Democratic Party to enshrine due process and rule law which is in the party constitution”.

He indicted the leadership of PDP for refusing to adhere to the party ideology of zoning arrangement gubernatorial candidate in the state.

Kaze cautioned people against linking him with the All Progressive congress in Plateau state, as he said that there has never been a time he left PDP.

He expressed this concern during an exclusive interview at his residence while answering questions from Journalists on his plan to vie for chairmanship of the PDP seat in Plateau state.

He vowed that,’ if elected he will reconcile all the aggrieved members by bringing, justice, equity and integrity to bear.

Kaze condemned action of the party in the last election in the State that forced everybody to campaign for the opposition to enjoy landslide victory, stressing that the PDP leaders refused to listen to the yearning and aspirations of people with the imposition of candidates.

“I am used to being castigated on my decision taken, just an indication of interest to gun for the chairmanship of PDP, they have started pointing accusation and cheap blackmail which are not true.

We earlier advised the party against zoning yet they refused that the chairmanship has been zone to Plateau north now, some are afraid to face me.

Adding, I wonder why they are accusing me for supporting APC, I have never been their supporter so none of their intimidation can have an effect on me because some are jittery.

“We want to return the party to people oriented and guide on principle of democracy which appear that some want to help the people to ransom”

The National working committee report headed by deputy senate president Ike Ekwuremadu indicted the leaders of Plateau state for destroying zoning arrangement of the party.

“You can imagine that some group refused that there is no zoning in PDP while some are disenfranchised based on tribal affiliation so they see me as threat to their political ambition come 2019 “.

He stressed that they just want to scuttle his plan of injecting new innovation not that he worked for APC government in 2015 polls.

Hon. Bitrus Kaze said that when corruption takes position of religion many issues will arise, I pray President Muhammadu Buhari will lead by example because 91% of those arrested are PDP including presidential aspirants.

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