Gully Erosion Hits 13 Local Government Areas In Jigawa State(See Photos Inside)

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Usman Abubakar Babura

No fewer than 13 local government areas in Jigawa are facing serious threat of erosion in the state, a situation which can lead to serious water flood in the state and destruction of farmlands with destruction of houses if care is not being taken by the government or agency concern.

Our correspondent in the state had gone round the state and interviewed many people across the affected local government areas in the state.

Among the local government that has serious gully erosion in the state include the state capital Dutse and Kiyawa ,Buji ,Birnin Kudu ,Kafin Hausa, Jahun ,Taura, Kazaure ,Gagarawa, Miga Malam Madori and Roni local government area in the state.

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According to investigation conducted by our reporter the situation is worst in Dutse local government  around Maranjuwa quarters and Marabusawa and Burtilan as well as those living at Gadadin and Zai quarters as well as people of Kargo village and some people around Yina and Gwari quarters as they are always helpless during rainy season.

It was gathered that this situation of gully erosion in Maranjuwa attracted federal government attention during Obasanjo Administration a situation which led former President Obasanjo and the then minister of environment to plan how to eradicate the menace of erosion in the state.

Investigation revealed that the situation started getting worse during Lamido administration but Lamido had awarded contract to Dantata and Sawoe for building of water channel to eradicate the problem, but was not achieved due to change of government.

However, the project started and was abandoned by the present administration of Governor Badaru Abubakar around Kaci village where Sule Lamido’s administration constructed an earth dam with a view to use the Maranjuwa water in the area for irrigation purpose, but the project has been abandoned since.

Investigation by this medium revealed that if the project was not abandoned by the government, it would have touched the lives of many people in the area especially those living around Maranjuwa and Kaci area economically and socially.

Our reporter was able to interview few people in Dutse about the problem of erosion in the state, Alhaji Baffa Garu who is living at Garu Town near Maranjuwa quarter commended the present administration of Governor Badaru for his effort to complete all the projects he inherited from Sule Lamido’s administration, he stated that Badaru is a champion among all the governors that has ruled  Jigawa state because he is the only governor who inherited projects and continue with it since the creation of jigawa state.

Baffa also lamented over the poor supply of water in the state, speaking further he said there has not been any drop of water from their tap in the last 8 month as well as also in other palaces in Dutse municipal due to in ability of the state government to provide funds available for the ministry of water resources to purchase diesel.

Speaking also, a renowned politician and business mogul in Kano and Jigawa Alhaji Sani Ya’u Babura said Badaru administration could not perform because is not serious, because in the last one and a half year nothing has been done to people in the issue of ecological control, many people are suffering due to erosion problem but nothing has been done to them to eradicate the issue of erosion problem in the state.

Babura said the issue of erosion in Dutse is very serious, previous governments did their best to control it but since the inception of Badaru’s administration nothing was done to tackle the situation, as he said the situation has made many families to lose their properties such as farmlands and houses.

“We know every year government disburses money to state governors for ecological fund which they normally called it ecological fund but we don’t know where Jigawa money was utilized,” he explained.

Speaking further he said Jigawa state government is not serious on the issue of eradicating issues related with gully erosion in the state and the issue of desertification because erosion and desertification problems are the major problem that has been a disturbance to the people of Jigawa state especially those whose livelihood depends on farming.

When contacted the state commissioner for environment Alhaji Barau Abdullahi Gambasha said the issue of gully erosion and desertification are serious issues that has disturbed many communities in the state and it is the responsibility of all stakeholders in the state right from you journalists to the common man in the state, as he also said, “your contribution to arrest the situation is needed because government could not do it alone.”

According to him, he said that Jigawa state government is to spend N9 billion to tackle the problem; he however said the state government has no money to tackle the problem.

On the issue the state secretariat the survey was conducted to spend over N1.5 billion naira to eradicate erosion which had ravaged the state secretariat and Shikono Hospital at Danmasara quarters in the western part of the state headquarters.

The commissioner further stated that the money allocated to his office yearly is not up to N250 million yearly and their demand to tackle the problem will gulp N9 billion, therefore it will not be possible for him to eradicate such problem, therefore government must join hands with communities to tackle the problem.

Confirming, he said it is exactly 13 local government areas in the State that has been threatened with gully erosion as he also hinted that a survey was conducted and the report has been submitted to the government waiting for approval for the commencement of the projects.

In the area of desertification he said the state government will provide N2.5 million seedling of Neem trees to eradicate the menace of desertification in the state adding that over 700,000 seeds of Mango, Guava, Cashew and Lime as well as Orange are currently available at various nursery plantation ready for distribution to communities in the state to boost people economy free of charge.


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