Group Berates Gov.Ngilari Says He Has Turned To A Dictator By Tom Garba, Yola

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A group, under the auspices of Adamawa Periscope, has issued a press statement accusing Governor Bala James of being a dictator, according to the group it said the Governor is professing humility as one of his strong virtue, but gives a different impression to the people of the state since he emerged as the substantive governor through a court ruling.
The group in a statement signed by its spokesman, Yakubu Damargi, cited the removal of Gombi Local Government chairman, Alhaji Rufai Umar, who defected to APC by the governor as undemocratic.
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“When former Gov Murtala Nyako defected to APC, Ngilari who was then his deputy did not follow him, a development Nyako described as normal in democracy. We now wonder why the same Ngilari will go ahead and dissolved an entire elected local government council and appoint a caretaker simply because the council chairman and his councillors defected to APC,” the group said.
Speaking further the group said; “the same Ngilari as Governor and PDP leader for reasons best known to him allowed political crisis to linger in PDP led local government areas of Numan and Guyuk leading to the controversial impeachments of the council chairmen.”
“The same Ngilari who did not participate in PDP senatorial primaries has found his way to emerged as the party senatorial candidate for Adamawa North after losing the governorship ticket to Mallam Nuhu Ribadu. Such actions and developments do not portray him as a democrat the way he wants us to believe,” group said.
Furthermore the group also condemned the governor’s decision to disrupt traffic flow along his private residence under the pretext of security.
It pointed out that the drums placed on public road obstructing free flow of traffic in front of Gov Ngilari personal house is uncalled for. The group noted that his predecessor, Nyako  and other prominent personalities lives along that road but did not take such measures in front of their houses that inconveniences other road users.
“If Ngilari feels his security is being threatened why not relocate to Government House where proper security arrangements are in place to protect him instead of inconveniencing passers-by and other residents of the area.
“His security men have now started restricting passerby, tricyclists, and even some private vehicles from passing through the road built with public money! This is unacceptable as it is affecting many parents using the road to take their children to a private school along the road not far from the Governor’s .personal resident”, the group said.
It urged Ngilari to “come down his high horse” and act like the simple and easy going man he used to be when he was the Deputy Governor to Nyako which earned him the nick name ” Damo Sarkin Hakuri” meaning in Hausa, the humbled and patience one,   adding that with the resent change on the behaviour where he has decided to shun everybody that was why when president Goodluck visited Yola on presidential campaign no one recognized Bala as the Governor of the state as he has chased everybody away .
They further explained that Governor Bala has been saying that he  don’t want crowd beside him, and he   choose to  stay away from the people especially the politicians and as a result of that PDP in Adamawa is suffering from a serious setback since Bala assumption as the Governor.
In response to afore mentioned accusations against Governor Bala ,the director of press and public affairs Mr PP Elisha said those people are indeed enemies of Democracy who do not want justice to triumph over injustice.
“How on earth that somebody like the then Chairman of Gombi who was discovered to misappropriates public funds that runs into millions of naira without account of how it was spend, my principal is the most accountable Governor ever had.
“I am always surprise with the kind of people that will sponsored a particular group just because they want to settle scores with the governor , the suspension of those chairmen they mentioned is something purely done and followed in a due process manner, beside we have the courts around us they should equally to seek for redress which I know all their cases is in court. Their accusations are quite condemnable and baseless.” Elisha said
A public commentator who pleaded anonymity said Bala is making effort to turn around the state for good
“We have problem in this state just because Bala is refusing to turn  Adamawa treasury into a national cake, he recently ordered that any unused monies allocated to the running of government house should be taken back to the state account, our children now have the knowledge of what is called traffic light something that has never been into existence since the creation of Adamawa state, our round about are beautifully being maintained by the present government ,is remaking the entire state and Adamawa now is answering it’s name as land of beauty. The previous government have failed us for the past seventeen years but Bala is turning the state within four months,” he said

According to him Adamawa is wearing a new look at all corners with working street lights at all the major roads in both Jimeta and Yola towns with dedicated power plant, accusing the working governor on false grounds is sin against God and the people of the state.

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