Gov. Abubakar, One Hand Can Never Clap

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The discrepancies between Governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar of Bauchi state and all the state’s members of the National Assembly continue to adversely affecting some of the developments of the state especially the ones coming from such members. It reach to the point that caretaker chairmen of some local government in the state in their display of loyalty to the governor vow to ban and even use bulldozers to destroy whatever project brought to the state by any of the National Assembly member no matter how beneficial it is.  His Excellency, these grudges are turning the state into a skelatol form. Nothing can make it fleshy except coming together through your efforts to reconcile between you and all of them in order to move our dear state forward so that we can reap the dividends of democracy. This is because “One hand can never clap”. A war can be fought between tribes, clans, towns, and countries. Blood will be shed, lives get lost and property worth millions destroyed but at the end both sides will reach concensus through negotiations and peace-talks. Why not in Bauchi state?

His Excellency, As the number one in the state, the alpha and omega and a true Muslim you have to remember what Islam ordained with regards to reconciliation and forgiveness. take heart and open to them door for negotiations. Allah S. W. T said in the Holy Qur’an “So fear Allaah and adjust all matters of difference among you, and obey Allaah and His Messenger (Muhammad), if you are believers” [Al-Anfaal 8:1]

The Prophet Muhammad SAW in one of his traditions (Hadith) said: “Do not hate one another, do not envy one another, do not turn away from one another. Be, O slaves of Allaah, brothers. It is not permissible for a Muslim to forsake his brother for more than three days.” This is sinful, you have to stop it and embrace peace with one another.

On the other hand, I am calling all Bauchi state members of the National Assembly to think twice and come to a dialogue table with the governor. Give him due respect and forgive each other where you are wrong. Fight the voices of division and seek the salve of reconciliation and make sure it is accompanied by justice and fair play or else it will not last any longer.

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To the APC national level, your silence over the matter make us think that you are enjoying the fighting or else you cannot solve your internal problems due to poor leadership. It seems like you are not doing enough to save the situation as months passed while the enmity and misunderstanding continue disintegrating heads of the Bauchi state APC chieftains and other members. The party is dying, people are divorcing it on daily basis. Please come back to your senses and do whatever possible to see the end of this long-term relationship sour between the two antagonists. May Allah give you more wisdom to see the real actualisation of this plan. Thank you.

God Bless APC!

God Bless Bauchi State!!

God Bless Nigeria!!!


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