Exclusive: Revealed; The Power Brokers And Richest Persons In Al-Makura’s Government By Idris Abdurrahman

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Even with much assertion by the Nasarawa State Government that the State is facing cash crunch and that the allocation to the State from the Federation account is not enough for running the state, universalreporters247.com investigation reveals that though the governor has cabinet members, special adviser and special assistants who help him saddled the responsibility and affairs of the state, there are those within his cabinets and advisers and assistants and even his friends who are regarded as sacred cows as well also the power brokers, this medium findings reveals that they are those that swim in money in the Government of Al-Makura making them the richest in his government.
Universalreporters247.com investigation reveals that there were illicit deals that these men and women were involved in, some of those illicit deals made up the bulk of the sins of the governor which the house stood upon it to serve impeachment notice against him last year.
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For instance the governor was accused by the lawmaker that the contract for the State Universal Basic Education Board, SUBEB was fraudulent.
It will be recall that investigation by the House of Assembly showed that three close relatives of Mr. Al-Makura diverted the contract, according to state lawmakers, and the spokesperson for the assembly, Mohammed Ibaku; “It was found that SUBEB introduced extraneous deals into the contract which were not part of the Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, earlier signed between the government and Relevant Technology,” one lawmaker said. “The deal made it possible for the management of SUBEB to take over the same job they earlier awarded to Relevant Technology against the provision of the procurement law and the MoU.”
Among those fingered in the deal was the Secretary of the Board who is also the governor’s son in-law, Ahmed Ubangari, a consultant to the board and Mr. Al-Makura’s nephew, Sarki Usman, and the board Chairman, who is also the governor’s uncle, Abdulkareem Abdullahi. The Lawmakers said they were angered that while Mr. Abdullahi had been giving them small contracts under the schools construction project, the mega contracts were awarded to firms owned by members of the Al-Makura family. The lawmakers also queried the appointment of the governor’s nephew as consultant to the UBE and his alleged takeover of the jobs earlier awarded to Relevant Technology.
Other allegations leveled against the governor which includes Mis-Appropriation/Misapplication of funds from the Local Government Joint Account, Local Government SURE-P Fund and Transfer of Local Government Sure-P Fund to a fixed deposit account respectively.

Below Are the Men and Women Who Made up the List of Power Brokers and Richest In Al-Makura’s Government:
Tancy Al-makura
He one is of the richest among the Al-Makura boys, Tancy as he is called is the former Personal Assistance to the governor before they parted ways over an unconfirmed financial deal between him and the then Commissioner Of Police, After The sharp practice he was frustrated and was later admitted at the National Hospital Abuja, The state governor who was his uncle devalued him to the post of Special Assistance  for his love of money, He owns houses at choice locations in Lafia, The state capital ,Shabu, The headquarter of Lafia North Development Area as he also extended his Houses at key locations  including shopping plaza in the nation’s capital.
It was long-established that his source of money was the allocation of  quantum of school contracts, It was revealed that all the school contracts has to passed through his office, Vast of contracts awarded by the Nasarawa State Universal Basic Education Board for the construction of storey building of Taal Model schools that are either abandoned or ongoing where shared among the top three boys to Al-Makura,  viz; Tancy, the consultant to NSUBEB, Sarki Ahmed and the Secretary of NSUBEB, Yakubu Ahmed.  Barely four years working with Governor, Tancy has travelled abroad for over fifteen times?  Tancy was Lafia Local Government electoral officer with the Independent National Electoral Commission before he joined the Governor working as his Personal Assistant.
Yakubu Ahmed Ubangari
Yakubu before his appointment as the secretary to NSUBEB was a lecturer with the Nasarawa State Polytechnic Lafia; he was into takes sale of land properties. He Is the man of the moment when it comes to money cash, He owns houses and plots of lands at choice locations in Lafia, Nasarawa Eggon, Keffi and Abuja, He met his Waterloo following his dirty deal of swindling N282m meant for the supply of desk and chairs to junior secondary and primary schools, Is no longer news that they decide on what happens when it comes to contract.
The appearance of the management of NSUBEB comprises of the executive chairman, Mal. Abdulkarim Mohammed, The secretary of the board, Yakubu Ahmed Ubangari and the consultant of NSUBEB, Usman Sarki Ahmed who milked the board dried.
Arch. Usman Sarki Ahmed
He was appointed the consultant to the Nasarawa State Universal Education Board by the state governor,  he was also a former employee with the Nasarawa State Polytechnics Lafia;  He appeared before the House Committee on Petition and Public Complaints headed by Honorable Mohammed Okpede over a N700m dirty transaction, he had running battle with the House Committee  when asked about the headquarter of his company, USA which he unveiled to the committee members that the company has its headquarter in china with Nigeria’s office in Abuja.
But it was discovered that the head office of USA his company is in Nasarawa; it was found out that USA is the initials of his name Usman Sarki Ahmed, a phantom company, The House of Assembly revealed that the head office of USA was located along New Government House Bye-pass, It was unfolded that all metal works for NSUBEB are done at the premises of the company.
The said N700m was from the N1.9bn earmarked for the procurement of 65,000 desk and chairs which was to be distributed to junior and primary schools in Nasarawa State.  Their inaction of diverting money of NSUBEB is the brain behind the present predicament of the board; the board only relied on the monthly overhead cost to procured plain sheets and biros.
Sarki owns houses in Doma, Lafia, Shabu, Karu and Abuja barely few years of his appointment as the consultant to NSUBEB, vast of Taal Model School contracts were controlled by him and other acolytes to the chief executive. With less electoral value, Sarki Ahmed according to insider buttressed that he has not less than N2bn in his account.
Nasir Zakari
Nasir Zakari is also the in-law to the state governor, It was reliably gathered that Nasiru was brought to the protocol unit of the Nasarawa state government House by the daughter of the governor, Barrister Aisha Tanko Al-Makura, few months are he got married to the governor’s daughter, he cruises in choice automobiles.
Apart from that he was compelled to contest for the slot of member Nasarawa state House of Assembly, A contest he was defeated hands down.
Musa Illu
Musa Illu a former Commissioner, a former Commissioner to Abdullahi Adamu, and now the Director General Taal campaign organization. He was known to have rejected political appointments offered to him. However, he is now the Director General of Taal Campaign Organisation, and now he swims in money; his house is now a mecca of sorts and  a beehive for contractors lobbying for contract from the governor, He owns exquisite cars, plot of lands  and owns over 20 duplexes out  of the 135 houses allocated to civil servants in the state. He more than a Deputy Governor of the  state.
Honorable Mohammed Dan’azumi
Dan’azumi Is the current Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs and Commissioner of Finance, He served as the Commissioner for Local Government before they were sacked by the governor over an allegation of financial dealings by top government functionaries, He was later re-appointed and deployed back to ministry for Local Government and back to finance, Is presently in charge of two ministries namely finance and Local Government.

Hajiya Salamatu Almakura The Jaruman Matan Nasarawa State
The state first lady has been using her Mother Care And Child Enhancement  Foundation as a conduit pipe to milk the state dry, Though no budgetary provision was approved by the state House of Assembly as it was obtainable in previous government where N1 billion is approved; univeralreporters247.com gathered that no fewer than N3bn has so far been spend on the procurement of computers, sewing machines and other gadgets for onward distribution after graduation of participants at the ongoing training exercise, A competent source unfolded that a large chunk amount of money was accrued to MC-CEF from the coffers of the Nasarawa State Universal Basic Education Board.

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