Eggon Nation And The Parable Of A Sinking Ship By Rabiu Omaku, Lafia

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The aftermath of the Nasarawa state wing of the People’s Democratic Party governorship primaries is the beginning of wisdom, Reason been that the emergence of Yusuf Agabi, An Aki from Ugah, the minority tribe in Lafia Local Government been returned elected as the sole candidate of the party primaries held at the Guest House of the federal Polytechnic Nasarawa is an eye opener that the politics of ethnicity and religion did not sees the light of the day.
Agabi polled 214 votes beating Labaran Maku the immediate past minister of Information who emerges second with 160 vote ahead of the ex-governor,Aliyu Akwe Doma polled 129 votes ahead of Solomon Ewuga who polled 31 votes while Michael Abdul polled 24 votes,Dameshi Luka polled 12 ,Jibrin Bala Yakubu polled 4 vote and Chris Mamman polled 1 only.
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The dream of the Eggon to rule the state by 2015 is a complete fallacy with the 31 vote polled by Solomon Ewuga, The 31 votes is less than 3 votes from the 13 Local Governments and 18 Development Areas, The Eggon grass root mobilizer did not get it right been from Eggon extraction, one of the majority tribe in the state,The result of the PDP governorship primaries is a leeway to end the ethnic and communal skirmishes that plunged the state into chaos leading to the death of over 6,000 people cut across the length and breadth of all Local Governments.
The emergence of Ombotse, Eggon militia group was connected to the governorship ambition of Solomon Ewuga,Even the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Alakyo killings and confiscation of operational vehicle and other matters connected therewith  recommended for the prosecution of the Eggon illustrious sons been fingered for sponsoring and financing Ombotse activities, The brutal killings 104 security in Alakyo community of Lafia Local Government.
The ethnic cleansing jackboots of Ombotse militia has caused a lot of havoc to the socio-economic activities of the state portraying the state in a bad light and leading to the closure of schools and displacement of over thirty communities, The ethnic cleansing was linked to Ewuga been the sponsorer, abettor and financier of the blood sucking demon, Solomon Ewuga been the arrow head of the movement for the actualization of Eggon governor in 2015.
The quest for the endorsement of Ewuga as the sole candidate of the Eggon nation was overwhelmingly supported by the young, The old, men, women including the elites giving Ewuga the upper hand in the contest, The thought of Eggon nation to produce an Eggon governor is an unfulfilled dream that is not feasible even beyond 2015.
The question that needed ardent answered is can the diabolic and treachery plan to govern the 1.8m people be realistic? The Eggon has already loss the senate seat to Akwanga Local Government, The failure of Ewuga and other Eggons to actualize their governorship ambition is a forgone issue marking the beginning of a new vista in the politics of Nasarawa state. Once more the move to produce an Eggon which was centre on Ewuga and Maku cannot hold water, Despite the intervention of the two members federal House of representative, Hon.David Embugadu, representing Akwanga,Nasarawa Eggon,Wamba and Hon.Haruna Kigbu to compel  either Ewuga to step for Maku or Maku step down for Ewuga claimed abortive yesterday at the venue of the primaries.
The polling of 31 votes by senator Solomon Ewuga is a pointer that the grass root mobilizer has lost his credibility and popularity politically, It also indicates that is only loved and liked by his kinsmen not like the popularity of Yusuf Agabi who polled his vote across board from the 13 Local Governments, The fallout of Ombotse, The botched and ad libitum ambition is an indicator that Eggon nation are descending to the abyss.
Labaran Maku missed and wasted Nasarawa state chance as a minister ,while at home Barrister Tanko Maikatako,An Eggon and APC lawmaker representing Lafia central lost his re-election bid, Also applicable to Hon.Nathaniel Agyo-Mesa representing Lafia East lost his second term bid, One of the Eggon outstanding politician ,Adamu Muazu also lost to Engr.Salisu Egyebola.
There is indication that the desperate governorship hopeful may jump ship to the All Progressives Grand Alliance to actualized his ambition, Solomon Ewuga was nominated as running mate of former governor, Abdullahi Adamu for barely a year before he was elevated to the portfolio of minister for state,FCT under president Obasanjo an appointed that did lasted, He later made known his ambition to contest for governor in 2007 under the PDP and lost to Akwe Doma ,The outcome of the primaries foist him to dump PDP to All People’s Party and back to PDP and subsequently in 2011 he decamp from PDP to the Congress For Progressives Change and won the senate seat after 20 months of legal battle which ended at the apex court, The supreme court ruled in favor of Senate Ewuga.
It could be recalled that senator Dr. Yusufu Musa Nagogo was the sole candidate for senate representing Nasarawa North under the CPC even at the time Solomon Ewuga was still in the PDP fold, Ewuga like governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura who was a staunch member of the PDP and aspirants dump the party in other to realized their political dream.
There is the possibility that what happen between Musa Nagogo would replicate itself if he attempted to go for governorship under the APGA which endorsed Mathew Ombugaku as their aspirant in 2015 election, One of the contestant that also lost to Yusuf Agabi is the immediate past president of Eggon Cultural Development Association, It was insinuated that is a spoiler sent by some politicians to destabilized the solid fortress of Maku and Ewuga. The pains of the Eggon to step down to one among the three aspirant is a clear testimony that the Eggon nation which was a united tribe is no longer at ease, while the centree will not hold, They Eggons may only be favored if the current governor ,Umaru Tanko Al-Makura hand-picked an Eggon as his running mate as well if Yusuf Agabi also picked an Eggon as his Deputy, sky will be the starting point for the Eggon under the APC if Al-Makura complete his second term of office but for the PDP arrangement Eggon should be expected to rule in 2022 which is still far away.
The Eggons, according to the legal Adviser to Ombotse, Zachary Zamani Allumaga  while given testimony before the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Alakyo killings opined that the Eggons are the majority and educated tribe in the state,He unleashed that the Eggons were balkanized and marginalized ,Adding that Munchi  change the name of their tribe to Tiv,Arago to Alago,Gwari to Gbagyi,Alemu  to Agatu,Koro to Migili  but when the Eggons make a move to name their name people are shouting, History has shown that the Eggons were formally called Madan Dutse before changing to Eggon in the early eighties .

 It could be recalled that Allumaga unfolded that Ombotse is not a militia group but rather a prayer group comprises of worshipers from the three religions, He also buttressed that the association is not a faceless group, Is now time for the Eggons to re-write their history by going back to the drawing board

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