Drop Sambo Now As Your Running Mate, Or Loose The Presidential Election, PDP Women Leader Tells Jonathan

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Ahead of the 2015 General election,  the heat may be on the Vice President Namadi, as a group yesterday called on President Jonathan to run alongside with Namadi Sambo should he wants to win the election, according to the Northwest Region women leader of the PDP Hajia Binta Kuraye said the President may lose the election if he contest alongside with Sambo.
Binta Kuraye was responding to the statement made by PDP stalwart, Hon. Bello Haliru recently at a TAN rally in Abuja that the region has endorsed Jonathan/Sambo candidacy for the 2015 elections.
Kuraye said; ‘‘Vice President has not done anything for the people of the region since he assumed office in 2011. Sambo was lying to the President that things are under control in the northwest when they are actually not. I think, he is playing politics that I know won’t do the party any good.
“I can tell you that because of the lack of grassroot support for the Jonathan and Sambo candidacy, most of the chieftains of the party from the region are not ready to tell the President the truth as it regards the current state of the region and people’s perception because they are bent on protecting their seats and personal interest.
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“The entire Northwest region wants Mr. President to come back in 2015, but the problem is that what Bello Haliru said at Eagle square that we are adopting President Jonathan with Vice President Namadi Sambo is a lie, it is not true.
“ You can’t force people against their wish; if things continue this way, on the day of the general election they will vote APC.
“The people of the region are supporting Mr. President but don’t want Namadi Sambo. He’s not doing anything for northwest. He didn’t even help anybody from northwest, even during the last Sallah, he could not share common salt and rice in Kaduna State.
“We are begging Mr. President to change the vice president as his running mate immediately. If not, there will be a problem in the presidential election in 2015, because people will refuse to vote for the president in 2015 if he chooses Sambo as his running mate.
“AS far as I am concerned, anyone telling Mr. President that there is no problem in Northwest is lying, out of 100 per cent, maybe ten per cent like Mr. President, all the 90 per cent of the people from the zone will refuse to vote the president because of Sambo. They don’t want to hear Jonathan’s name at all. So, why are these people deceiving this man?”

According to Binta she said; “please open his eyes as there is no single campaign office in the northwest, and if anyone tries to open the office, it will be set on fire because the people are not enjoying the dividends of democracy.”

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