Dr Wonder Calls For Solution To Treatment Of Diseases Through Herbs

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Yakubu Busari

The Jos 2016 trade fair has been flag -off with a call on people to take advantage of the exercise and reduce death rate through the use of herbal natural therapy.

Mrs Oby Okonkwo popularly called,” Dr wonder” Natural therapy advised people to shun junk food especially the men to remain healthy and productive to the society.

She said from the beginning God gave us these therapist to help human beings function and remain healthy.

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Mrs Oby Okonkwo said, her herbs diet plus treats cancer, infertility ,staphylococcus aureus, diabetes ,fibroid without surgical intervention ,malaria /typhoid, high blood pressure /stroke, ulcers, pile ,dental problems, sperm count booster cardiovascular health, prostrate disorder, spiritual assistance, strong erection/prolong action, asthma, natural eye solution, Tommy blasting ,super ovulation booster, cease menses stimulator ,libido enhancement, arthritis and rheumatism ,hormonal imbalance and skin care therapy.

She said, Nigeria should promulgate law on the important of herbal therapy and return to the use of herbal treatment for their health solution in other to reduce the intake of chemical substances that is destroying their system.

Mrs  Okonkwo pointed out that God has provided solution to our health complications through the use of natural herbs around our environment but many people keeps destroying system.

According to Mrs Oby Okonkwo, if government of Nigeria provides the enabling environment for those into herbal therapy all these medical tourism to foreign countries will reduce drastically.

“We have abandoned the good work of nature which was handed over to us by our forefathers before the coming of Europeans into Africa and we are gradually losing our sense to chemical treatment”, she noted.

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