Deputy Governor –Elect Assures Of Road Construction That Will Network Adamawa State On Assumption Of Duty By Tom Garba, Yola

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The Adamawa Deputy Governor -elect, Mr Matins  Babale said that the construction of  Mayo-Belwa-Jada- Ganye road linking Toungo Federal road would be among the first assignment  of the in-coming  administration. This will also kicks start the construction of many other roads that will network the entire state.
He also assures the rehabilitation of many other ones that have been in serious deplorable state, this will bring faster economy activities to thrive faster. Babale made the pledge when he paid a homage to Gangwari of Ganye, Alhaji Umaru Sanda  in Ganye town , the headquarters of Ganye local government area  on Sunday. He urged the people of the chiefdom to cooperate for the accelerated development.
According to the Deputy governor elect, the people of the Chiefdom comprises Ganye, Toungo and Jada local government areas are now well enlighten against any political sentiment that would create division among them.
 Babale observed that in  Ganye Chiefdom, history had shown that people of the area irrespective of their religion background were living in peacefully with  one another.
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He noted that the era of luring people  into religious politic in Ganye Local Government Area is over.
Responding , the Gangwari  of Ganye, observed that Mr. Babale was the first elected deputy governor  to emerge  from the chiefdom.

Sanda enjoined his subjects to  support the deputy governor-elect for the development of the area.

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