Cheerleaders Nigeria Gets International Recognition

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12029087_1070586669627363_1157265433_nThe breast cancer awareness campaign that was organised by the Cheerleaders at the God’swill Akpabio international stadium on the 11/09/2015 as part of their give back to the society program, to educate the general public on the prevalent measures to be taken to avoid breast cancer stigma and how to detect this disease early enough in the body has being recognized internationally by An American singer Tim Halperin.

12166487_1070585006294196_1756744723_nThe American singer-songwriter took to his twitter account to appreciate the Cheerleaders, in his own words he said” Wow! These Cheerleaders in Nigeria used my song to raise awareness about breast cancer……. So cool.”

While on a phone conversation with the Cheerleaders coordinator miss Clara ojinnaka, she expressed how happy she felt seeing that the girls can actually go this far tasking themselves to give back to the society.

She also express gratitude to Tim Halperin for granting the Cheerleaders permission to use his song and promise to build a strong fan base for the American Singer that will lure him to come and perform for his fans in Nigeria.

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12086938_1070586966294000_787886972_nWhile appreciating the parents of the Cheerleaders, League management Company, Nigeria professional Football league, journalist, fans and everyone nor making the program a success, miss Clara who stated clearly how  excited she felt seeing that everything went smoothly and looking forward to 25th October, 2015 for the final phase of the campaign and wish to call on individuals, cooperate body’s, government, NGO etc to embark on massive Awareness on breast Cancer around their communities in order to save lives.

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